10 Categories Of Ladies In A Female Hostel

Hello everyone,

So this thread is borne out of my current experience in a hostel facility. Living with people from different background and having different personalities. It’s a wonderful experience anyway, as I think you can’t really conclude on how good your attitude is until you live with people who are not family.

I will like to pen down 10 categories of ladies you will find in a female hostel......Girls can form sha cheesy


1) The Mother Hen – this category of ladies are very advanced in age and at that behave as if they are mother to everyone. You hear hostel mates addressing them as “Aunty Mary” or “Sister Joy”. Hian! It can vex me ehn...are we not in an academic environment, or did I stop you from starting life early. Addressing you as aunty doesn’t really mean I respect you. They also go about forming adviser Nowamagbe because of their experiences.

2) The Spirit Koko – this category wakes you up in the morning with the sound of speaking in tongues, they pray like the Pharisees and rub religion into every conversation. (Aza bilivoh syndrome). They also campaign for hostel devotion prayers, religious activities and worry you if you don’t attend fellowship meetings. angry

3) The Bully – this category are deceived by their physical size or strength so think they can trample on anyone. They are aggressive, accost and jump lines. They are non- receptive to new roommates and quarrel as often as they have an audience. They are typical noisemakers.

4) The Cook – this category are utmostly concerned with what they will cook to it, they buy food stuff like it is a family house, cook all day long and crucify others that eat out. Their dresses always smell of kitchen....eeeew!

5) The Borrower – this category can borrow anything from cotton bud, face wipes, detergent, food seasoning, toothpaste to even your bathing sponge grin They never consider buying theirs for peace sake.

6) The Nerd – they are called oversyllabus or Scholastica. She goes about with books and study materials, discussing what she has covered even far beyond the lecturer, intimidating people who have not been studying. Their social life is inversely tending towards infinity. tongue

7) The Wannabe Big Girl – this one’s claim to be what they are really not, live fake lives and snubs at people. She lies about having good escapades. It’s all a sham.

8.) The Big Girl – by their decking and carriage you know them. Expensive designer clothing, TFC meals, Goat human hair, vacation trip. She is also polite and mingle when necessary. cool

9) The Absentee – this category of ladies are never around, they just breeze in and breeze out. They usually have a 1,001 other places to pass the night. Their space is unkempt because they never have time to arrange it. Some of them don’t even know the name of co-roommates. The days they are around they sleep for like 2days straight. grin

10) The Regular Girl – she is cool, calm and collected. Walks into the room, greet everyone and retires to her corner. Participates in gist when needful or invited. She lives a moderate life; you cannot easily classify her personality, but you admire her from a distance.

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