5 Reasons Why Its More Dificult For Hot Chics To Settle Down With A Man.

Here are some reasons and i hope it makes sense to you all.

1.Arrogance: The supposed not too beautiful ones with simple looks are humble.submissive,non abusive and level headed while the supposed outwardly beautiful ones can't just seem to pipe down and be serene with the men in their lives because they always have the subconscious believe that men will always come for them just to realize too late that most of the men that come for them do not actually come for them but for their body and of-course after having their way with them will likely dump them and move on to the next available sweet chic around.

2.Highest bidder: Many ladies with hot bodies tend to have this subliminal feelings that they are too hot for just any man with little cash to have so they tend to hope for a rich dude to buy them and they unfortunately realize too late that a rich man has enough money to buy as many hot chics as he can afford and once the guy has spent a ample sum on her if she is lucky to find one, she will be relegated and a new chic will definitely come on board.

3.Excessive body flaunting: When you flaunt your body as a hot girl,you are simply acting like a decoy and we all know how people treat sample products,they are showcased for people to see,touch and test and when its time to buy the actual product, we tend to demand for the ones sealed in the carton so the more you flaunt that sexy curve the more you are passing an indecent message to the guys.

4.Attention lovers
: Yes its quite fascinating to be admired and wanted by many men and this feeling can keep many hot chics unmarried for a very long time because the admiration they enjoy from men is so overwhelming that they can't just imagine giving that up to be with a man.

5.Being too picky: I will not blame any hot chic for this but then many of them just don't know when to back down as they wil be bent on having a dude to compliment their hotness but unfortunately it does not work this way in the real world and they tend to realize too late and just pick any available one and this is why you see many hot chics ending up with guys that do not match up at all and this is because they have given up sweet guys hoping to get drop dead gorgeous ones.

My advice to ladies generally whether hot or not is Just to keep a level head and be humble and trust me, even the most handsome and responsible men will come begging to have you for keeps.

Its never about outward beauty but its all about the beauty of the mind and even a man who have sworn to date or marry a super curvy chic will melt if he comes across a humble,submissive,non abusive straight shaped lady with a quality of a real virtuous wife.

Guys are wiser now and a reasonable man will not mind to marry a humble respectful ugly lady rather than have a manner-less and sharp tongued sex symbol as a wife but would rather bleep and dump such.

Hope this helps

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