5 Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

There are different kinds of abusive relationships. While some are physical, others can be emotional or mental; but whatever the case, it is still abuse.

Most abusive partners have become so good at manipulation that you, as the victim, might actually be doubting whether or not you are being abused. They can be so remorseful after certain acts that you even start to convince yourself that it is love, that they made a mistake, when, in fact, they are only taking advantage of your weakness.

The signs below point to the fact that you are in an abusive relationship

1. You fear your partner:What do you feel when your partner walks through the door? Do you feel excitement, love or do you feel afraid?

Love never means being afraid of your partner. If you catch yourself feeling fear or dread anytime you are around your partner, because you are terrified of what mood he/she will be in, then you are most likely in an abusive relationship.

2. You feel insecure:Walking on egg shells around your partner isn’t the best way to build a relationship. Abusive people get very good at making you feel insecure. They remind you every day that you are nothing, whether with their actions or their words.

You do not feel confident or amazing when you are with them, you feel little and incompetent. They make you feel like you are good for nothing. If this sounds like your relationship, then it is time to re-examine why you are with this person.

3. You are isolated from your family/friends:An abuser needs to have complete power and control over you, this would not be achieved if you are able to run to friends and family whenever issues come up. An abuser will make sure that you have little or no friends, and that you are isolated from your family.

They make you feel guilty whenever you bring up the fact that you want to be with other people. They make you think, whether through inflicting pain or manipulation, that they are all you need and no one else has your best interests at heart.

4. You feel controlled:If you are in a relationship where every single step you take is being scrutinized and controlled by your partner, then you might be with an abuser. If they control where you go, how you dress, what you eat, who you see, basically every single aspect of your life, then this is not the relationship to be in.

Every individual is different and being in a relationship means understanding and embracing your differences, not bending over backwards to do exactly what the other person wants every single time.

5. You feel depressed:Yes, your relationship will not be 100 percent happy every single minute of every day, but you should also not be feeling depressed.


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