Reasons You Should Marry A Working-Class Lady

So many relationship issues here and there. Guys and Ladies are asking so many questions such as:

a. Is it OK to date an undergraduate with the aim of marrying her?

b. How old is modest for a girl to get into a relationship?

3. I caught my girlfriend with another guy, should I break up with her?

A lot of salient and underlying factors exist why relationships of many years 'dilapidate' in a twinkling of an eye.

I'm not against dating an undergraduate but I'm against dating one with an undergraduate's mindset. There are quite many who believe they are not yet ready for this whole relationship saga hence doing you a favour hanging out with you. Shocking, but true. To such, I say, Bon Voyage!

As the age long mantra says, Only time will tell.

When these girls behave that way, some times, you don't get to blame them even as Ladies in general believe you know what you're up to coming to ask them out...The crux of this thread is Dating a Working Class Lady Has More Advantages And Better Chances Of A "Safe Landing"Than Dating An 'undergraduate'. Let's see some of my reasons:

1. Good Money Management Skill.

A working class lady better understand how hard it is to make money. Yes, she buys shoes and some times engage in profligate spending but with caution. She tries to keep a part for the rainy weeks, LOL. With this attitude of hers, you can hand your ATM to her without worries tongue

2. Maturity

Maturity is built in her through the stress at work. Though girls will be girls but there are some things you won't see her get involved in. Imagine her working and schooling at same time, you'll hardly even see her in social networks sef. How we need mature ladies in the dating game and not just recharge card beggers.

3. Her Generosity Is Heightened

It is expected she has conquered the "Me Alone" attitude because a part of her salary goes to her family, supposedly. Some times, she sends some to her siblings. Most times, she is left with a little. At those moments, her dp will change, "Family is everything". True! Those guys in her work place wondering, "what's she doing with her money?". Now you know. You can be sure she will be of financial help to both in-laws.

4. She Has A 'better' Idea On What She Really Need In Her Man.

She has met several kinds of guys, so her choosing you is more of her "last resort". Having dated "many guys", you're one lucky dude. o:
You can't count on an undergraduate that much. She still has many choices to make: Uni, Masters, NYSC, Work place etc. Oh mehn!

5. Financial Assistance

She can be of great help when the burden of pre-marriage activities come knocking. Also, she won't just come into your house with her GMG, but with some of her things too that will benefit all. It's not compulsory but it's relieving, you know.

6. Less Time for Casual/Childish Stuff

It's hard to find a working class Lady who is engrossed with work find time to live carelessly (partying). It might exist but only in rare cases. More often than not, she spends time with her closest besties not with any T, D & H. If she is ALWAYS on Social Network, forget it. At least, you can tell she has a dream, a passion, a drive. Even if she is less busy, she tries to perfect her tailoring, dancing or designing skill. She hates being idle. Above all, childish stuff like being the FTC or making money out of guys on internet or real life disgusts her.

7. Work Exposure

Having to work with other married colleague of hers, she gets to know the real needs of every man thus coming into marriage with some form of relevant information. Just hope she doesn't meet the wrong women sha.

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