Things Ladies Mean When They Say, "I Need A God Fearing Man For A Partner"

7 different things ladies mean when they say, "I need a God fearing man for a partner."

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only who has heard ladies say, "I want a man who fears God." Haha! That's an ambiguous word, you know.

So, don't get all happy saying, "I've finally met a good girl", hmm!

That's the same lady you'll hear saying, "Ladies, love bad guys". And she wants a Godfearing man. So, in essence, she wants a good-bad guy for love and for marriage? Am I missing something here?

Different strokes for different folks- Different Ladies mean different things when they, "I need a God- fearing man for a life partner".

Ride with me as we explore some of their underlying and decoded interpretation of the sentence, "I need a God-fearing man for a marriage partner":

1. I need a man who fears God enough to keep me in control of his financial dynasty

While this is not bad in itself, obsession for it is deadly. I've had friends who got married just hearing him say, "I live in Dubai", "I did my MSc in Ontario Canada". "My mum is in Germany" and as for my dad "he lives and works in Abuja"... She is already head over heels in love already. He may be lying o! These days, guys fake calls and let her hear it. How cheap!

2. I need a man who fears God enough not to hit me

She probably have seen the way women were maltreated by Unreasonable Men in the past and she grew to detest such. She doesn't want much from a man-she abhors a man hitting a Lady. She can call a relationship quit for that.

3. I need a man who fears God enough not to cheat on me

Her name is... She is like every girl... No girl wants to be cheated upon? But she is different. It has never been easy "testing" relationships because of her "fragile heart". She sees love as a man not cheating on her. Even if he is, she doesn't wanna know.

4. I need a man who fears God enough to raise me Strong and Wise Children that will be leaders

She truly loves children and all her childhood dream was hinged on raising children that will change the world or make a national difference. If she can find such a man, she calls him, God fearing.

5. I need a man who fears God so much that he sticks with me and my dreams even through hard times and doesn't take sides against me with his family.

Basically, standing by her means a lot. She just need to be sure you'll stand by her should there a situation. How do you respond to her dreams?

6. I need a man who fears God enough to join me in my church/ religion

She is so glued to her worship centre that if you're not worshipping with her she can't even classify you a strong believer. I heard JW only marry themselves.. undecided lipsrsealed

7. I need a man who truly fears, loves, and Serves God with All his heart.

She loves him mainly because he truly upholds the tenet of her religion. He loves her Lord, so she loves him unconditionally. They're not many but they exist. She isn't into the "Good girls love bad guys" gameshit... Her flair is first towards seeking a man that can be a man, in prayers, the Bible/ Qur'an, and Giving to the poor. This is the lady that really understands what she is saying when she says, " I need a man who fears God for a partner".

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