writing: Paragraph and Grammar Structure Training Series.

writing: Paragraph and Grammar Structure Training Series.
Capitalize the first word of every sentence.

(1) "I" is always capitalized, along with all its contractions.
Example: I can do it.
Example: I'll do it tomorrow.
Example: I'm going to do it now.

(2) Capitalize the first word of a quoted sentence.
Example: She said, "I can do this."

Capitalize a proper noun.
Example: Eiffel Tower
Example: Christopher Knight
Example: Federal Bureau of Investigation

(3) Capitalize a person's title when it precedes the name.
Example: Doctor Smith
Exception: Mr. Smith, the doctor at the hospital, came to check up on me.

(4) Capitalize any title when used as a direct address.
Example: "Will you please answer the question, Senator?"

(5) Do not capitalize names of seasons.

(6) Capitalize points of the compass only when they refer to specific regions.
Example: I have relatives visiting from the South.
Example: I drove south to the end of the block.

(7) After a sentence ending with a colon, do not capitalize the first word if it begins a list.
Example: These are my favorite foods: chicken, potatoes and bread.

(8) Capitalize the first word and all the words in titles of books, articles, works of art, etc. excluding short prepositions and conjunctions.
Example: "EzineArticles Writing and Marketing"

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