6 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen To You In Class.

We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives.

Some of them may have happened at home or out on the streets but the worst ones are always reserved for the classroom.

Here is a list of some of the common classroom embarrassments that you or people you know may have faced.

1. Getting caught while sleeping

This is on top of our embarrassing stories simply because all of us faced it at least once.
Be it a hang over, or you read throughout the night or simply because the lecture is too boring, what’s awkward is getting caught by the lecturer while you are happily dreaming and drooling.

2. Confidently answering the question wrongly

Sometimes the teacher asks a question and you answer it like a boss, thinking that you know exactly what you’re talking about. But as it turns out, you showed that confidence for nothing, because surprise-surprise – you couldn’t be more wrong! And the teacher then proceeds to make an example out of you in order to illustrate how wrong you are.

3. Getting caught while passing chits

Passing chits was the most common method of conversation in classrooms in the pre-mobile era. Thinking that you’re too smart to get caught, you pass chits, when suddenly a hand grabs that chit and the teacher then reads it out for the benefit of the entire class. Leaving you mortified in front of the entire class!

4. Farting loudly

After a long stint in the toilet hours before lecture or probably you think everything is fine in the world just then, your body decides to play a joke on you and you rip a loud one right in the middle of the class. What’s worse is when it stinks and everyone knows you did it.

5. Wardrobe malfunction

You are highly mistaken if you thought that wardrobe malfunctions were just limited to red carpets or fashion runways. Most classrooms have seen more than their fair share of trousers ripping, buttons popping, and bra straps snapping randomly. For some reason, these situations have an uncanny way of happening only when you are giving presentations in front of the whole class. And if you thought that nothing can make it more embarrassing, think again. Imagine any of these happening in front of your crush!

6.Walking in late for a lecture

Just when you think you've strolled in unnoticed, the lecturer decides to embarrass you by popping a question just to tell the class he can't be fooled. Worse off, you fail the question and he still sends you out of the class amid insults.

Looking back at some of these situations may have made you want to crawl under a rock and just stay there for eternity. But now these incidents are long gone and you can afford to laugh at them. Even we want to laugh with you, so please do share with us some of your embarrassing moments.

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