Ladies, 5 Habits You Must Stop If You're Ready To Settle Down For Marriage

Ladies, 5 Habits You Must Stop If You're Ready To Settle Down For Marriage

1) Stop Being A Flirt:
This not only sends a guy away from you but also sends signals that you can't be a faithful wife if indeed you both get married.
Most guys can't differentiate when you're just being nice around persons of the opposite sex and when you're actually a Flirt. Stop making him feel insecure and start making him feel secured.

2) Cutoff Links To Potential "Bad" Friends:
Just like the saying, "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are". Changing of your so called "Am happy for you friends" goes a long way in securing your relationship. Sometimes the problem isn't with the lady nor her spouse but with their friends. Sit down and have a good reassessment of the friends you keep. You don't want to have a snitch as a friend, do you?

3) Stop being extravagant with money:
Being rich and acting to be rich are two different things. Spending money too much and being extravagant is a big No No for most guys. It shows you don't have any idea on money saving and can't soak garri with your man when the finances are down(Am telling you, most men actually think about that)

4) Stop The Pride Show When You're Around His Parents;
Like seriously, you can't help out your mother in-law to be in the kitchen, nor help pack the dishes in after eating and you expect her to give her blessings to marry her son?. Don't be a joker. It wouldn't take you anything to be humble af when you're around his parents. The easiest way to win a man's heart is to win that of his parents first.

5) It's An Abomination To A Man To Say You Can't Cook:
Like WTF?? Don't tell me if we get to that bridge we'll cross it, hell no! Don't deceive yourself, like they say "Love fades but hunger doesn't". You know you can't cook? A part time catering school would do you great good.

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