Things You Must Not Do For The Man You Are Dating

Things You Must Not Do For The Man You Are Dating

Most of the times when a girl is dating a guy, she loses her "mind" she does things which are not appropriate which at the end makes her look cheap and often prompt the guy to dump her. This should not be the case be aware of men, not all who come your way are holy. You have a right to live a life with no regrets. Here are 10 things as a girl, you must not do for the guy you are dating

1. Do not cohabit with a man who has not married you. Do not live with your boyfriend in the same house. Even if he is your fiancé, do not live with him in the same house. You will look too cheap; people will be seeing you as a prostitute and a useless girl. A good name and reputation is better than anything in the world.

2. Do not be pregnant for your boyfriend. It is senseless. Avoid pregnancy if you are not married. Note that you can never use pregnancy to tie a man down. Your boyfriend will either deny the pregnancy or he will tell you to go and abort it. Pregnancy before marriage is not Godly and it is a shame to you and your family.

3. Avoid abortion. Abstain from sex. If there is no sex, there will be no abortion. Condom is not a guarantee at all. Sex is not food. You can live without it.

4. Do not abandon your parents and family because of one boyfriend. Sometimes love makes some people to be silly. Don't lose your senses because of love. Be in charge of your emotion and feelings. Let your brain control your emotion. Do not allow emotion to control your brain.

5. Do not commit suicide or do something crazy when your boyfriend dumps you. It is not worth it. He is not the only good man in the world.

6. Do not miss your lectures/school because a man asked you to visit him. Your education/future is more important than boyfriend.

7. Do not be rude to your parents because of your boyfriend. It is very wrong.

8. Never beg a man to marry you. It’s makes you cheap.

9. Do not release your body for a man to be beating you. Quit him immediately. A real man does not beat woman.

10. Do not just read these tips alone. Read and practice them for YOUR OWN GOOD

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