See The Popular Herbs Big Babes Use In Hooking Their Men In The North

See The Popular Herbs Big Babes Use In Hooking Their Men In The North

The use of charms to hook men by Nigerian women as a means to win their love is not new. 

For the Northerners, they adopt the use of some very special and potent herbs which not only serves as a sex stimulant that enhances sexual pleasure, but is also used to hook men.

One very common herb Hausa women in the Northern part of the country use to hook men is the Kayan Mata, a special kind of herb strictly used by women who want their men to always do their bidding. 

The use of Kayan Mata is very rampant and is no big deal among Hausa women because they believe it is harmless; after all it does not involve any rituals, as 70% of materials used to prepare Kayan Mata are made from herbs and honey. 
As a matter of fact from time immemorial the use of Kayan Mata has been a tradition among Hausa women as a means to get their husbands love and attention , especially husband with many wives. 

The question is why is the act on the increase? Some women say sex without Kayan Mata is like cooking without salt, it makes men enjoy sex and such men can promise their women anything because of the pleasure they derive, and always ask for more. In recent time, it has become a norm for more Hausa women, babes, celebrities, brides and even among other tribes who have lived in the North, to depend on “ Kayan Mata” a better sex life and gainful relationship. 

Many Hausa brides are treated with Kayan Mata by their mothers before their wedding and some are packaged for them to take to their matrimonial homes for continuous use. There are different types of Kayan Mata and the best of it are prepared in some Northern states like Sokoto,Maiduguri, Kastina, Kebbi and neighboring countries like Niger republic. 

The most common of all is SIMI, it is of different types, some are prepared with herbs and honey and it is taken hours before sex. For another type of Kayan Mata, the herbs are mixed with fresh nunu(cow milk), it makes the vagina wet and the user enjoys uninhibited sex with her partner, the best of SIMI is prepared in Sokoto State and Niger Republic. 

Also another type called GINDIN AYU derived from the private part and sperm of a particular kind of fish that stick together in the river. It is used by both male and female, for the men the Ayu’s private part is dried, pounded and mixed with milk for drinking. It is mostly used by older men who want to impress their wives in bed. 

For the women, the dried Ayu is soaked in a kettle and she then use the water to wash her private part from time to time, it prevents unpleasant odor and makes the vaginer tighter.

Yet another method of tightening the vagina is the TURAREN WUTA(INCENSE) the women stoop or bend on the burning incense to allow the smoke go into the private part.

Also another type commonly used is DAN MANNAU(GLUE) some call it “ gida ko” ( a car or house gift). It is inserted in the vagina to guarantee pleasurable sex. 

However findings have it that more types of Kayan Mata are springing up daily, and most of them are well packaged. Several women who are constant users of Kayan Mata always have their men under their control until they let go. 

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