Some Scriptures People Use Wrongly To Justify Themselves

Scriptures people use wrongly to justify themselves

Thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy.
Many at times, we use these Scriptures as we joke around or out of ignorance but God isn't too mad at us, I pray cheesy

If you grew up in a church environment like me, you will definitely hear most of these;

1. By the Grace of God

These days, that phrase has lost his meaning. See:
A: Are you coming today?
B: By His grace.
A: Oh boy, try come abeg! Money dey wait for you.
B: ohhh! When make I come? I dey come now sef!
A: The money na by the Grace you go take collect am.

So many, insulting the Grace of God anyhow sha.
It's like saying, No! Is the Grace not enough again?

2. Silver and gold have I none, such as I have... Or My Widow's mite

Somebody go come your party or house, make him give Big. He'll say, "Let's give our widow's mite". Oga, you ain't a widow, c'mon! A widower gives Big! Unless your widow's mite beat my expectation o!

3. Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach

Hmm! I'm sure you've either heard or used that. Besides, Timo had a stomach ish as a teenager. Do you have a stomach problem?

4. Man shall not live by bread can add beans or rice.

When they want do all manner of food combination and misappropriation! Wetin I dey speak gan?

5. God rested after making man and other animals BUT after making woman, He hasn't rested till now!

Haha! This one sha! E get as e get! lipsrsealed

6. Solomon had many wives; 700 housewives, 300 side chicks.

No please, 700 wives, 300 concubines. Besides, he was a king. In those days, kings do it as we even see today. Side chicks aren't allowed in marriage.

7. I love fair ladies because Abraham loved fair women, Isaac the same, Jacob served 14 years for one and even David too...Who am I? Hope na there e end?

Hope your affection is only towards the fairness and not on the other sides?

8. Seeing a heavily endowed girl and saying, "Sister, you are Wonderfully and Fearfully made" God, took 6 days to make only you!

Okay, toasting lines in a coded format. The message is passed.

9. It is well, even in the well

Yea, I use this but with an understanding. Some use it just to end their statements or dodge a very vital question: Who took this money? He says, it's well. It is not o...after you pay back, it will be well.

Christianity is fun joor FROM Atlanta to Ajegunle...
Hope to see you in church tomorrow...Happy Sunday Y'all cheesy

Live, Love and Laugh grin

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