The Bitter Truth For Guys Trying To Maintain Distant Relationships

The Bitter Truth For Guys Trying To Maintain Distant Relationships

Have you ever dipped your fingers in a pot of Melon Soup (Egusi) without heating or getting it refrigerated?  The next day, be sure that your soup will become sour!!! This is possibly what could become of your relationship and emotional feelings when 'distance' is involved, especially, when this 'distance' is not handled with enough maturity!

I personally think it is basically foolish trying to maintain distant relationships when the two persons involve do no wish to get married or are not ready to settle down as husband and wife within the shortest possible time! If your girlfriend lives in Uyo and you live in Akure, the burden and regular emotional pains that distant relationships bring could be better tamed if both of you would be tying the knot as soon as possible. On the other hand, in a situation where both of you are still confused on the future of the relationship or there are no serious plans for marriage on ground, you could both be deceiving yourselves while living in constant emotional torture!!! wink

'Love', no matter how fake it is, grows when the persons that are involved are physically present with each other to ignite the ingredients of romance in the relationship. When romance leaves through the door in a relationship, affection, care and attention are definitely going to leave through the windows! 'Love' would become a mirage and relationship would be recklessly abandoned and forgotten! 

As partners, doing things together such as going to the cinema, shopping, strolling and holding hands in the park, watching movies together at home, cracking jokes and seeing the smiles on the faces of each other go a long way in boosting romance cool. On the contrary, these things are not present in distant affairs! Relationship needs physical body contact, if truth be told. That's the easiest way to reduce unnecessary tension, jealousy, accusations and counter-accusations, constant cheating and lying and all other funny things that go along with distant affairs!!!
In this world that we live in, where materialism and sex are fast becoming the foundations of most relationships, you should sincerely think about it...whether the one you romantically call 'your love' is fervently sincere with you too cool. I mean, phone calls and chats are just so boring and useless without physical contact!!!

I am not a misogynist and has never been but experiences and observations have clearly shown that ladies cheat more in distant relationships because they are more prone to romantic pressures from other men; some may be carried away by materialism and the pressure to have sex!!! This explains why you may be in Warri, happy that you have a loving girlfriend that lives in Lagos, not knowing that one sharp banker with slick tongue and posh car is banging her in and out! In no time, her care and attention for you would decrease; she would call and text lesser and discussions on phone would become so boring! You should know it is almost coming to an end! wink. If you don't have any plans of getting married soonest, don't waste your time on distant affairs! I would even suggest you use the money you spend on regular, boring and long phone calls on online betting because you cold be wasting your resources on a girl someone else is 'eating' cool

Distant relationship is full of pains, lies, emotional trauma, unnecessary troubles, jealousy and fear all occassioned by lack of physical presence!

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