Ways Guys Frustrate The Life Of Virgin Girls

1. They tag her a liar - 99% of guys will not readily believe a mature lady is a virgin. Tell her guy you are a Virgin and he would be like "Do I look like Sanyeri"

2. They want to be the one to deflower you - Guys believes a girl will never be able to forget the guy who deflower her. Once they know you are a Virgin, they try everything to get under your skirt.

3. They call her names - Guys will not hesitate to give you names like Virgin Mary, holy Maria, iya Jesu And all.

4. They ask for "Just The Tip" - I read on NSG blog about a guy asking her to allow him put just the tip even after hearing she's a virgin. Some guys will say "I'm not trying to sex you, Just Romance" If I hear undecided

5. They Offer you large Amount of money - Yes, just so they know you are a Virgin, They ask you to give them your virginity in exchange for money.

6. They Isolate You - Guys Isolate virgin ladies because they believe she has nothing to offer. Smh!

7. They tell you love making is a proof of love - Guys will tell you they can only believe you love them if you allow them under your skirt. Abegi embarassed

8* They will threaten to break up with you - They will tell you they can't continue a relationship with you if you won't allow them sex.

9. They Plan to kidnap and gang rape you - As crazy as this may sound, some guys indulge in it. They will defend this act by claiming they are trying to prove she's telling the truth. Chai , virgin girls don suffer.

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