Ways Ladies Frustrate The Life Of Virgin Guys

1. They refer you to as "Inexperienced"

They say they are allergic to dating virgin guys simply because they are inexperienced and won't be able to satisfy them. This is the frustration we face cheesy

2. They tag you Impotent

As a guy, when you tell a lady that you are a virgin, you will notice she will give you a stern look. She might start having the feeling that you are impotent

3. They shake their heads Pitifully

Yesterday, I told a lady I was a virgin and her countenance changed. All she did was shook her head pitifully as if I embezzled the nation's budget. At that instance I was embarrassed and felt the ground should open and swallow me up

4. They start Avoiding you

Onto this virgin thing, ladies don frustrate my life both online and offline. I no even get girlfriend till date. Last year, I told a lady I was a novice when it comes to love making and her interest in me drastically reduced. This is one of the frustrations we face

5. They say you should not let the world hear it

This reminds me of the sermon I heard last year. The guest speaker, whose main thrust of discussion centred on "premarital sex" asked all the dudes who have been keeping their virginity to step out ask for the grace to keep it till their wedding night. I was the first person to step out. When returning to our seats, the way the ladies were looking at us made us ashamed of ourselves. The look on their faces could be interpreted as "as una old reach, una still be virgin. This is the frustration virgin guys face

6. They say you are Not Romantic

Yes not all of them will tell it straight to your face, but when in the midst of their friends, their discussion centres on it. This can be sometimes frustrating

7. They say you are telling Lies

Obviously, just because there's no label placed on a guy to ascertain the authenticity of his virginity, they refer to us as liars. They say how do we expect them to believe us when there's no hymen

8. They say Virginity is not their priority

Unlike female virginity, no one cares about guys virginity. Sometimes I keep wondering why ladies barely say they want male virgins as husbands. This can be frustrating because they don't make us feel proud being a virgin cool

9. They stop Visiting you

One lady visited me not long ago, she was actually expecting me to do the needful while I was busy talking about Buhari and Saraki. That was the end of her visitation. This is one of the frustrations we face

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