Questions To Ask Yourself Before Tweeting To A Hashtag

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Tweeting To A Hashtag

Every Nigerian with an access to the internet now feels obliged to jump into every discussion on social media. They wake up, search twitter and jump on any trendy topic with an I TOO KNOW mentality. Before you do such, ask yourself these questions:

1. Hope it's not a propaganda hashtag on a smear campaign

2. Must I tweet on it?

3. Hope my tweet won't be judgemental

4. Have I heard the other side of the story?

5. Do I have all facts concerning the issue?

6. Hope my tweet won't give those involved a bad reputation in public

7. Am I an expert on such issues?

8. What if I later realise the trendy hashtag was all a smear campaign, will I retract my tweet or apologise?

9. Is there a likelihood that my tweet might put me in trouble?

10. Hope my contribution won't be based on sentiments and emotion.

You never can tell, a person who an hashtag is created against might actually be innocent of the said accusations. An example is the #OshifalaSaga where many twitter users lambasted and judged Mr Oshifala guilty even to the extent of making up cases of ghost students who also were victims of his alleged pedophilia act. To our greatest surprise, the students of the school and their heads of departments all thronged the streets with placards all calling for their favorite teacher's vindication. They say they don't think such happened nor even know who the victim is.

Hashtags such as #DasukiGate, #TyrantBuhari, #BukolaGate etc might just be on a campaign of calumny. We never can tell until a competent court of law pronounces a judgement on the figures involved.

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