Reasons Why Wordpress Is Better Than Blogger

Reasons Why Wordpress Is Better Than Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger
A lot of bloggers migrate from Blogger to WordPress after they realize they have limitations and are aware of the downsides of using Blogger and it is no doubt that WordPress offers all the features which Blogger doesn’t.

1. Control over your blog
Blogger is owned by Google hence there are chances that they can delete your Blogger account without warning you. Even if you buy a domain name, chances are high that if spammers use feature flag as spam and report your blog as spam, Google might remove your blog and you know how tragic that would be. This is quite a problem that Blogger users face. Hence, I recommend you use WordPress if you want control over your blog

2. Search Engine Optimization
Every blogger loves traffic, hence it is the first and last thing any blogger will look for. Search engine optimization (SEO) simply means optimizing your blog for search engines(especially Google) and also getting traffic from search engine.
Comparing WordPress and Blogger, WordPress gives you more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in Blogger you are limited to certain settings.
WordPress is blessed with so many features like plugin and a very strong community where you can get support. WordPress makes your life easy downloading and installing plugins for everything you need. By using WP plugins, you can achieve anything.
You can go over to WordPress and search ‘Recommended Plugins’

3. Reputation
Most people see don’t really see Blogger with a very great eye, this is actually their perception because they see you as a cheap blogger and all. When they sight a WordPress blog, they see you as a very serious blogger and they believe you paid for the service.

4. Themes/Templates
Blogger offers many templates (check but on WordPress, you will discover many unlimited themes, both free and premium(check
Moreover, since you have access to the FTP details, you can change the complete look and feel of your WordPress theme.

5. AdSense
AdSense is the pillar for any blogger who is looking forward to monetize his or her blog. Years ago,users of Blogger found it pretty much easy to get their AdSense account approved by Google but now, it’s a very hard task. On WordPress,having a domain email address will help get your blog approved is very easily,now that is another advantage of a self hosted WordPress blog.

6. Blog Reselling
Google doesn’t allow reselling of Blogger blogs but on WordPress you are free to resell your self hosted WordPress blog


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