Things Dark Skinned People Are Tired Of Hearing

Things Dark Skinned People Are Tired Of Hearing

1. You are dark BUT beautiful Wth. Most people say this without going through what they are saying. Why BUT and not AND? because they think dark skin is ugly! Simple. They are saying "well youve got a beautiful face and body but you are covered in ugliness." In other words, you are not so beautiful. Put it to them that this is what they imply, and they become self defensive.

But is dark skin ugly? The truth is dark skin is as ugly as fair skin just as fair skin is as beautiful as dark skin. And beautiful people come in all shades

2. You will be cuter if you were fair This is similar to the first but it carries with it such guts and certainty.

Like seriously? a beautiful 10 and a handsome 10 are brought before you and the only thing you can think of is "well they look good, but they will be better fair." Good enough, this statement only reveals the mental damage that you, the judge is suffering from.

The problem with this statement is that it denies reality. You are of the opinion that a beautiful dark skin lady will look better fair but reality says beautiful people look better always.

3. Light skinned people look better What now? Be jealous and hate yourself O ye dark people! Not only is this a lie it brings shame and disgrace to the entire continent. A lie has no good consequence.

An ugly fair man is called handsome and a handsome dark man is called average looking or some times ugly. O ye of poor taste and battered minds, you think like children and are short-sighted.

Again, reality says beautiful people look better always.

4. You are jealous and envious of light skinned people People who say this are so sure that non fair people are jealous and envious of them because they(dark people) have been made to feel lesser than them for a very long time now. In addition, many NOT MOST, dark people bleach their skins. So yea, they've got to be jealous of our "pretty" skin.

But are they right? Maybe. Some dark skin people get caught up in jealousy and envy not because fair skin is better but because the ground(system) is unlevelled and has put them at a disadvantage.

Almost all non fair people started with being comfortable in their skin not until some demons of division and deceit were let loose.

So dont pat yourself on the back thinking ye, we look better because we are fair. No, the demons of deceit are dealing with some dark people for now. Who knows whose turn it will be tomorrow.

5. Black is beautiful: Wow whats the problem with this statement? you say. Everything dear.
First, black connotes a people of a particular race. And this race has so many shades/complexions be it from extremely fair to extremely dark. They all form black. But you wonder why only a fraction is called black beauty. Are others white beauty, red beauty and so on.

If you say well you do not mean it by race but by skin shades. Then why is a chocolate woman called black beauty? Does she look black like black board? No you say. Why then do you not call her brown beauty? Fair doesnt look black. And brown doesnt look black too.

But thats not all, "black is beautiful" is a false statement because....simple, there are so many ugly black people and this alone renders it false.

You might think its a great compliment but dark skinned people are not moved because to them it is shallow and insensitive and non-problem solving. They can see through the lie.

Some even carry a mocking tone when it is said and only makes matters worse for some dark skinned people who have been battered mentally. No thanks.

At the end, dark skin is not the problem. You are.
You only form your opinions and preferencesfrom what you see on tv, magazines, in shows, etc. When you do a reality check up on yourself you will come to see dark skin for what it is. It is not ugly.

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