Ways to Avoid Google Penalties

Ways to Avoid Google Penalties

Failing to avoid these penalties can be a very hard thing for search engines as they will try by all means to avoid your site from ranking on the top, it is very important to know the rules of a game rather than playing a game without knowing the rules. Below I will show some Google penalties that every website should try to avoid before losing it potential readers.

Google Panda Penalty

This penalty is the very important of all the other penalties because in November 2011 Google introduced the Panda to it algorithm to prevent sites with low quality content from ranking on the first page, If any site is hit by the Google panda penalty it will not have a good rank and recovery can take a lot of time. High content posts should have atleast 500 words and images but please avoid using heavy images as they will cause your blog page to load slower.
This introduction of the Panda has caused many sites to trail behind. And made justice for sites that are working hard to earn with ranking first in search engines .

How to avoid the Panda Penalty

The Panda penalty is easy to avoid as it can be easily avoided by provided high quality content posts to your blog readers and removing duplicate posts from your blog because they can have a big negative impact to any blog.
Once you start producing quality post then you will see a major change on search engines and your site will rank even more high than the way it has been ranking.

Payday loan Penalty

The Payday loan penalty was introduced in June 2013 to address the spam sites which are involved in link buying and the other internet spam  websites on the internet.  Sites that seem to be spammy will be removed from the search engines  or if they are not removed they will be ranked very low. So please dont get yourselves involved in link buying because you are committing an internet fraud.

How to avoid Payday Loan Penalty

Link buying sites can be tricky but the Penguin and the Payday loan will probably give your site a good name. Spam websites are not good for your blog.

Google Penguin Penalty

The Penalty deals mostly with spam and helps google to track the changes that happen to the number of backlinks a site has, the penguin has helped google to find out websites that do link buying which has become popular in the internet . Bloggers are advised not to try and trick the search engines by buying links because will cause some pages to be removed from the index, link buying can trick alexa but not Google, Bing and Yahoo because they are fully secured and strict towards link buying.

How to avoid the Penguin penalty

Avoiding the penguin penalty can be done by avoiding link buying scams. The penguin can cause your blog to rank very low in search engines.

Manual Actions Penalty

Manual actions are mostly are not counted within the Google algorithm but instead they are monitered manually by Google employees who have the authority to decrease or increase your site rank. Google has hundreds of thousands of employees who manually review websites for quality rating. So always try to reduce your blog loading time and make it professional and interesting for all readers so that they can give your site a good rank during review

How to avoid the Manual action

Avoiding the Google manual action Penalty is not really a problem since it is done manually by Google employees which means that your  blog must be clean and interesting. make sure that you do not buy any links from link pools or have duplicate content because it can rank your very low in the search results.


Getting a good rank in search engines has been a hard thing for many bloggers as they have been having doing a lot of on SEO trying to improve their rank , infact Avoiding a search engine penalty is probably the best part of SEO and whereby  buying links seems to be a very good part of SEO which is not because you are actually violating the search engines guidelines and rules in Public because probably your blog is listed in search engines.

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