20 Must-Have Xposed Modules For Android

20 Must-Have Xposed Modules For Android

Xposed Framework enables all kinds of customization allowing Android users to enhance the look or add features to their device, without touching the original system files or APKs. It uses modules that run on memory. Therefore, any changes made can be removed easily by simply disabling the modules and rebooting. No more flashing ROMs just to get a new feature to work.

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There are plenty of these modules floating around on the Web and in this post, we will be showing you 20 popular and must-have Xposed Modules you can try out. For the best experience, make sure to run all of the mods in this article on your stock rooted Android.
Xposed Additions. Comes with a configuration option to allow remapping of hardware button, reset the duration of long-press action, set device awake/sleep state when USB is plugged in/out.
Xposed Additions

GravityBox. Targeted for Android version 4.1+, this is an all-in-one module that provides a large range of mods.

Wanam Kit. Customize your Android 4.4 with features for status bars, sound, lock screen, system, phone, security and more.
Wanam Kit

BootManager. Choose the app you want to prevent running upon system startup using BootManager. This will help to reduce slow booting times.
Boot Manager

XuiMod. Compilations of features ported from other ROMs packed into one mod.

Phab7 No-Reboot UI Switcher. Switch Android UI into Phone mode, Phablet mode or Tablet mode without rebooting. Also include screen-setting option to display in phone or tablet format.
Phab7 No-Reboot UI Switcher

DynamicNotifications. Light up Android device screen discreetly to show notifications without unlocking the lock screen.

Keepchat. Automatically save Snapchat image the moment it is opened, in Snapchat.

XPrivacy. Restrict access to certain app permissions to prevent leaking of privacy sensitive data.

Android Phone Vibrator. This will allow your Android phone to vibrate whenever a call is connected or disconnected upon calling.
Android Phone Vibrator

XBlast Tools. Xblast Tools has a huge range of features for you to customize your Android device in any way that you want. The packed user interface lets users apply changes quickly.
Xblast Tools

Tinted Status Bar. Change status bar color to match the current active app. Can be edited manually too.
Tinted Status Bar

App Settings. This module allows you to change per-app generic settings such as DPI, rotation, app behavior, full-screen etc.
App Settings

Maximize Widgets on Lockscreen. Expand lockscreen widgets when device unlocked for quick viewing of notifications.
Maximize Widgets on Lockscreen

MultiZone Clock. Display 2 clocks with different timezones right in the status bar.
MultiZone Clock

Vine Downloader. Add a download option to download Vine videos using Vine official app.
Vine Downloader

Instagram Downloader. Add download features to the official Instagram app (to download Instagram photos and videos).
Instagram Downloader

Youtube AdAway. Remove YouTube ads from the official Android YouTube app.
Youtube AdAway

Network Speed indicator. Display download speeds in the status bar whenever the device is fetching data.
Network Speed indicator

All Notification Expanded. Automatically expand all notifications for Android device running 4.1 and above.
App Settings
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