AVG Reveals Top Ten Android Apps That Kill Phone Performance

Performance issues have been plaguing Android smartphones and tablets for a long time now...

These performance problems ranges from using up too much CPU, eating up too much storage space, or draining your battery faster than you can charge.

Still yet, there are Android apps that kill phone perfomance.

Security firm AVG has just revealed which apps are guilty of those crimes for this year’s second quarter and the results are rather surprising.

Some of the data revealed Chrome’s voracious appetite for your storage space, even on desktops. Of course, other apps like Facebook, now joined by its Facebook Pages Manager, and Google Play Services made the list too but No1 will surprise you.

You probably wouldn’t expect it, but Snapchat is at the very top of that list of Android apps that kill phone perfomance.

AVG says that its simultaneous use of the camera, Wi-Fi/cellular data, and GPS, all at the same time, means that its effects on your phone are long lasting.

It manages to even displace Facebook as the top performance killer on Android.

Another app that surprisingly made the list is Tumbler who is noted to consume the most data consumption, greater than even Netflix and Spotify combined.

AVG didn’t explain why the social network incurs the highest traffic despite the relatively lower level content that is viewed in the app.

AVG said in the report that it isn’t trying to scare off Android users, rather It’s meant to arm users with knowledge on which apps to avoid like the plague.

The bad news however is that their presence on AVG’s top 10 list implies that these apps are also the most used and most wanted, leaving users in a conundrum.

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