How to Get Your Suspended Google+ Profile Reinstated

Last week, we discussed whether Google should require you to use your real name for Google+ profiles. Google is working on eliminating fake profiles, and in the process, they've booted some real people, including actor +William Shatner. If you find out that your Google+ account has been suspended, you can appeal the suspension and get your profile reinstated.

Step 1 Request a Review

During the signup process, you'll be prompted to request a review. You can fill out the appeal form here where you can submit either a Photo ID, or links on the web that help prove your identity.

Step 2 Wait 24 Hours

Assuming the details you submitted in the appeal form passed inspection, you'll regain access to your account.

If, after 24 hours, your account is still suspended, you'll have to appeal to Google again.

Step 3 Request a Second Appeal

From your Google+ profile page, click on the link to the appeal form. Provide Google with more details about why your account should not be suspended. Provide as many details as possible as this may be your last chance to convince them you are a real person.

Step 4 Wait for Google to Contact You

Once the second appeal has been filed, you'll have to wait for Google to contact you directly to deal with the situation.

Step 5 Post in the Gmail Help Forum

If you're still unable to get assistance with reinstating your account, you can try posting for help in the Gmail Help Forum.

Step 6 Contact a Google Community Manager

Check out our list for Google community managers' Google+ profiles. Many of them are very active and responsive to questions. You may need to get a few friends to contact them on your behalf.

Step 7 Be Patient

Many people have been reporting that they've had to wait longer than 24 hours to get their profiles reviewed. Hopefully this is something Google can improve on.


If your Google+ account has been suspended, it may affect your ability to use the rest of your Google account fully, such as Gmail and Reader. You may get a message that your account has been locked due to "suspicious activity". I highly recommend you read +Fleep Tuque's story of how her account was suspended, and how she was able to get it back. While your Google+ profile is suspended, it will not be visible in search.Changing your Google+ profile name can trigger a review to ensure that it complies with Google's Community Standards. Google does not require you to use a real name for Google+, but you are asked to use a name that you "commonly go by in daily life".Children 13 and under cannot use Google+. Parents are discovering, the hard way, that once a child accepts a Google+ invite and answers the age question truthfully, that their child will be locked out of all their Google Accounts. Currently they are unable to retrieve data from that account, although Google is working on resolving the issue. 

Have you had your Google+ profile suspended? Let us know how you were able to get it back.

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