Reinstalling the ROM Motorola Razr D1 and D3 via RSD Lite

Reinstalling the ROM Motorola Razr D1 and D3 via RSD Lite

I am offering more tutorial by Anateck now reinstalling the official rom, this procedure works perfectly on Motorola Razr D1 and D3 will have available direct links to download the official rom of your device, the model everything right, will also direct download link to download the necessary software.
This tutorial takes its loop cell, corrupt rom, problems in applications and etc.

Please note: I am not responsible for any damage caused on your phone, do this procedure at your own risk.

Necessary programs.

   1  Download, the RSDLite6.1.6_MTK_Patch33.msi:!zFlzwRhL!fELcgWe6da6om0od5Wf0WmJ14q8FcDkC6sYIvrcPK-Q 
(After your download is complete, install the program, this is a patch the RSD-lite program can be installed)
  2 Download our RSD Lite program!GdszHZpa!dIA4LAVn9BJ7UrC32sik0G-Dv94DeG7NF7UnOveuNc4  (With the patch installed, install the RSD-lite)
  3 Download the drivers for your Motorola handset for this link

(Install the drivers for your device on your computer, it is important, as it will cause your machine can be recognized in MODE DOWNLOAD, ie receive the new rom)

Download the ROM, according to the model of your device.

XT915 -
XT916 -
XT918 -
XT919 -
XT920 -

 Now let's put the new ROM on your device, go "Save it"

     Open RSD Lite program

go to "Settings" then "Switch to Moto Downalod" will see a message you choose "Yes"
The program will restart, and it will open automatically, so it will open the option to the left of the Start, which has three dots, see in the image below and click on these three dots, so will open a location on your computer.


 See in the above image, "type" all Files (* MZF. * His) have to be exactly like that, if not, go back and do the process again.
Go to the folder that this where your rom, and and see if appears the rom by the RSD-lite, which appears in my rom photo
If not, give exit, go in the folder of your rom, and decompresses it, will have two files on it, one of them will be with the final "MZF" is this your rom, now, do the same process, and will in the folder where the rom is uncompressed, so it'll display your rom, as well as the image above appears.
Click the rom and open, RSD-Lite will hang, it will show up (Not Responding), wait for the program to return to normal, it crashes because it is unstable, and it takes to return to normal as it is loading the rom, in the program but do not call if it takes a little this is normal, wait a maximum of up to 10 minutes (rarely comes to that)
When the program returns to normal, you will put your phone into download mode, you can do this, turn off your phone, remove and place it again, and put the USB cable at the same time you should be with the button on the button volume down, the RSD Lite, will appear connected.
Once connected, click on "Start" and wait, the progress bar to 100%, and right next to appear "PASS" with this you can already remove the USB cable from your device, connect it normally;
Special !! If your phone der loop, that is, stand still on the logo type of Motorola for more than 6 minutes of Hard Reset in him, to do this, remove the battery, and replace, press the power button and keep hitting and fast volume button +, will appear some options, take the first on Recovery, then another screen will appear with a few options, go Wipe date / factory reset; click on the power button to choose this option after chosen, go to "Yes," HE WILL FORMAT YOUR CELL WILL LEAVE IT AS IF IT WERE NEW then when you finish the process of "Reboot System Now"Okay, now you are with Jelly Bean, and running everything normallyAny questions, enter the facebook community, or Google+ so I can help you, links below:
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