root tecno P3 AND L3

I am still rocking with my Tecno p3. I just rooted it now. Check the following steps to root yours. Tecno N3 and T3 have also been successfully rooted using this process
*Download Poot . OR type this link in your web browser
*Click on poot and install, after installing , go to the icon and click on it.
* It will ask you to download Minstro II, allow it to download from google play store. You must have logged in a gmail account in your phone to be able to access play store.

*Open Poot, it will require you to update QT libraries, your phone may automatically reboot (or you can reboot manually) once the libraries update.
--> *Wait till Poot QT libraries have completely updated. sometimes it fails, keep updating untill it is completed.*At this stage your phone should restart and if it does not remove your phone battery and put it back in again
*You have to move both POOT and MINSTRO II to your phone memory.
* Sometimes I remove one or two of my sims.
* After putting your phone on, go to phone menu and launch the Poot application, then select the first option "Press here to Poot", your phone may FREEZE and automatically restart.
*If it does not restart, remove your battery, put it back and ON the phone.
*Go immediately to phone menu and click Poot again.
*If the rooting worked, it will show you 3 buttons.
* You should choose the second option to download and install super user.

Some times you may be lucky and be rooted at your first try, and sometimes you have to try up to even 10 times
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