Steps On How to Change Your HTC IMEI

Steps On How to Change Your HTC IMEI 

To get this to work for you, your device may need to be rooted. It probably won’t work on an unrooted phone but I wouldn’t specifically say that. You may need to run a Google search on how to root your specific model of HTC.

Disclaimer: Please note that doing this is illegal in some countries. You’re doing this at your own risk and I won’t be held responsible for any damage caused. Also, this will void your warranty

The steps are quite easy to follow and you only need to download a few things.


1. Java must be installed on your PC since Android SDK needs it. Skip this step if you’ve already done that.
2. Download and install Android SDK.
3. Download and install PdaNet and select HTC while installing the driver. Be sure you’re connected to the internet and only plug in your phone when asked to.
4. Download Fastboot. Extract the “Android” folder in it to the C:\ drive on your PC. You should now have C:\Androidfastboot.exe in this location. Be sure the path is correct.


5. Download BB IMEI Generator (optional). You only need this if you want to have a Blackberry IMEI on your phone.
Unzip the package. There are three .sys files, copy them all to C:\Windows. You may need administrator privilege to do this.
Run GIPV4.1.exe, click on “Generate F** IMEI”. By the way, I have no idea why the software had to include such language though. Copy the IMEI to somewhere safe, perhaps a notepad, and save.
Exit the software and we can proceed to the main thing.

  Steps On How to Change Your HTC IMEI

Steps to change HTC IMEI number to Blackberry IMEI

1. Disconnect your phone from your PC and power off the phone completely. Enter Bootloader by pressing the Volume Down button and Power button simultaneously for about 10 – 15 seconds.

 Select Fastboot and connect your phone to the computer with USB. You should have FASTBOOT USB displayed as shown below:
 2. Press the Start button + R on your keyboard to type a Run command. Type cmd and press Enter.

3. Type this or copy & paste and press Enter:
cd C:\Android
Now type this or copy & paste and press Enter:
fastboot getvar imei
This should display similarly as shown below:

This displays your original IMEI. It’s better to write this down somewhere.
4. Now type this or copy and paste and press Enter:
fastboot oem writeimei 35826xxxxxxxxxx
Be sure to change 35826xxxxxxxxxx to the IMEI number you generated earlier. You should get an OKAY message which signifies the process was successful.

That’s all and it’s all done. As mentioned before, I did this on a rooted HTC One X and it worked perfectly.
I hope it works for you.

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