Bluetooth 5: Five things you need to know

Personally, my Bluetooth use – especially as a means of transferring files – has been sparing, ever since android uptake in these parts became significant. The simple reason being that it is slow cumbersome, at a time when there are easier alternatives such as apps like Xender, Flash share e.t.c.
Unfortunately, these apps do not work across all the OS platforms, meaning the guy with a BlackBerry Q10 for instance, still has to Bluetooth transfer files from a Samsung user if he wanted to send something across and depending on how large the file being transferred is, this may take ages.
It’s 2016, so it is expected that technology should to be fast, reliable & efficient in all areas and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has realised that, and has announced its next release, version 5 which is slated for late 2016 to early 2017.
Let’s skip the boring stuff and jump right into the more interesting things, like why you should even care about Bluetooth 5:
  • The biggest new feature of new Bluetooth 5 is its ability to operate larger “Advertising packets” which simply allow devices to send out bits of information to other Bluetooth devices without being paired.
  • Bluetooth 5 will have double the range of existing versions and will be 4x faster than the current of standard.
  • It will also provide new features for connectionless services.
  • It won’t be have a decimal system like the older standards, i.e Bluetooth 5 not 5.0.
  • It most likely will require new hardware, so don’t have hopes on getting it on your current device
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