Causes And 7 Home Remedies To Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itching or tingling is a symptom which lots of ladies can relate to. Although vaginal itching causes uneasiness and torment, it is important to realise that it may be a manifestation for infection.
The sort of treatment given to any vaginal disturbance depends on the cause(s), it is therefore practical to have a knowledge of the distinctive cause of the symptom.
1. Yeast infection
Yeast infection, brought about by excessive growth of yeast, candida, in the vagina and vulva causes vaginal burning and tingling. This tops the list because at one point or the other, 3 among every 4 women will have yeast infection. The causes of yeast infection ranges from, sexual intercourse, pregnancy and use of antibiotics.
2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexually Transmitted disease s (STDs) can bring about vaginal burning. Top amongst these diseases are gonorhea, trichomoniasis, genital warts, genital herpes and Chlamydia.
3. Chemicals
Some chemicals present in condoms, creams, soaps, pads can cause itching of the vagina.
4. Menopause
Women who are past reproductive age, have a decrease in the level of the hormone, estrogen. This can bring about drying and thinning of the vaginal wall thereby causing itching.
Below are home remedies to prevent and treat vaginal itching.
1. Water and soap should be used to wash the genital area regularly. However, care must be taken not to wash more than once daily to prevent increase dryness.
2. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted disease by using condom. “HIV no they show for face.”
3. Avoid sex while experiencing vaginal itching.
4. Don’t wear synthetic panties, rather make use of cotton type.
5. Change your underwear daily.
6. Do not open a current of water or vapour directly on the vaginal.
7. To avert further irritation, avoid scratching.
You may need to speak to your doctor for the appropriate treatment if irritation persist subsequent to doing the above, as such may be a sign of infection.

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