Diabetes In Nigeria

Do you know that diabetes is fast
becoming an epidemic in Nigeria?

From our findings, there are some states
in Nigeria where diabetes is now like

According to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC), from
1980 through 2010, the number of
adults in the world aged 18 and
older with diagnosed diabetes
more than tripled.

Moreover, the diabetes epidemic
shows no signs of slowing down,
affecting over 20 million people in
Nigeria. Another 35million adults
have prediabetes, putting them at
greater risk of developing type 2
diabetes down the road, according
to the CDC.

Diabetes is a costly disease, placing
a high financial burden on the
patient and the healthcare system.
If poorly managed or left untreated,
it can cause blindness, loss of kidney
function, and conditions that require
the amputation of digits or limbs.
The CDC reports that it’s also a major
cause of heart disease and stroke
and the seventh leading cause of death
in the World.

The bottom line is that diabetes can be
bad news—but this doesn’t have to be
the case. Interventions can prevent or
delay the disease in people with

But what about people who’ve already
been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
Can their diabetes be reversed? Is it
possible to cure diabetes with natural
The answer to this question is yes.
This is what our all Natural Diabetes
Care, GLUCOFIT has been achieving.

Using GLUCOFIT,People's high blood sugar
have been proven to comedown with as much as
50% within 2 weeks.

GLUCOFIT has restored life to many people

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