First Sex In Front Of Mama And Daddy?

This Is What They Do

There are many strange traditions in
various parts of the world. This family
from Singapore practices one of the
oddest. Learn what the whole family
does on the first wedding night.

For most of us sex is a private experience,
especially the first one. That is not what
this family believes! They think the first
act is special and very important. So, the
whole family gathers up on the first
wedding night to be present in the
While the young couple is making love,
they sit or stand there and watch them
carefully. Some of the older members may
even intrude into the process and guide
the young and inexperienced youths
through it.
The photo is real and it was taken by the
uncle of the newly married boy. You can
find at least 5 other people present at the
scene. Here is what the uncle says:
“While most people may consider it odd,
for our family there is nothing more proud
than celebrating a son, brother or nephew
having sex for the first time.”
“We see it as the last step on the long
journey to adulthood, and it’s also a
special chance to witness the moment that
a new life is formed.”
They also say such an act is not the first
one in their family. It has taken place
before. Here is what he has to say:
“I felt nervous having my family there to
accompany me, and also give me guidance
on how to proceed. At first I had trouble
entering my girlfriend, but my mother
suggested I take things more slowly and
relax, and I was able to eventually slip it
The finishing phrase on this first sex will
knock you off your feet!
“I snapped the photo right at the moment
before he came, and it was truly a
beautiful scene.”

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