Fix Windows 10 Start Menu problems

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu problems

Microsoft's Begin Menu troubleshooter has been intended to alter begin menu issues that you encounter when running gadgets with Windows 10.

While the begin menu may have lost some of its allure lately on account of the ascent of different choices to dispatch programs, most remarkable the taskbar overhaul presented in Windows 7, it is still one of the focal access focuses for projects as well as for pursuit and new components, for example, Cortana on Windows 10.

Microsoft transformed a few things around in the begin menu on Windows 10 as it elements program connections and application tiles one next to the other at this point.

Begin menu related issues that clients may encounter incorporate issues opening it, missing things, or tiles that don't upgrade or are not showing up accurately.

Microsoft created a troubleshooting tool for the Windows 10 Start Menu designed to fix several common issues that users of the operating system may experience.
The tool scans for the following issues when run:
  1. Whether required applications are not installed correctly.
  2. For permission issues with Registry keys.
  3. For tile database corruption.
  4. Whether application manifest data is corrupt.

Simply run the program after you have downloaded it from Microsoft (via). The first screen displays basic information about it. What you may want to do there is click on the advanced link and remove the checkmark from the "apply repairs automatically" setting.
Doing so reveals all issues found to you and gives you options to select none, one, some or all of them that you want resolved.
If you don't do that, the tool will repair all start menu problems it finds automatically without you getting a say in the matter.
While that may be desired anyway, it is usually better to know about the repairs in advanced.

You may open a report at last that rundowns issues that were distinguished by the begin menu troubleshooter, and whether they have been altered.

The troubleshooter is restricted to identifying and determining four Windows 10 begin menu issues as of now. This implies it won't give you an answer if the issue you are encountering is not recorded by it.

Altering significant issues

In the event that you think genuine harm to the framework, you might need to run sfc/scannow on a lifted charge brief to ensure that all framework documents are in working request and not degenerate or altered.

Tap on the Windows-key, sort cmd.exe, hold down Ctrl and Move, and run Charge Brief from the query items. This opens a lifted order brief.

Sort sfc/scannow and hold up until the sweep finishes. Windows checks center framework documents to ensure they are not degenerate or altered, and replaces them on the off chance that they are.

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