Funny but True about Corp members

1, To all those people that usually occupy like 5 chairs, just to reserve seat for their friends during SAED lectures. I hope u now work in a restaurant where you make seat reservations for customers.

2, To all those guys that would occupy 2 chairs, and when a fellow guy ask them for a seat, they will refuse but will gladly give d seat to a girl. I hope you are now married to the girl.

3, To all those who did "eye service" in camp and forming familiarity with the PIs and camp staff in order to be posted to a good place for ppa. I hope you now work at shell petroleum plc.

4, To all those who hustled for every post in camp- plantoon leader,social leader,sport leader, room leader, toilet leader. I hope you where finally retained in camp.

5, To those people wey carry parade for head, marching from morning till night screaming prey shunn!. I hope you have now be enlisted into to Nigerian army.

6, To those who seriously paid attention to the SAED lectures. I hope you still remember everything you where taught.

7, To those who did "rollll itttt...give it tooo meeeee!". I hope you are still rolling.

8, To those people who where forming O.B.O. at mami market that night, after the first allawee was paid. I hope you still have changee (not Buhari's change)

9, To those who suddenly don't drink pure water(sachet water) again when they were in camp. I hope you are still consistent with buying bottled water.

10, To those girls forming posh in camp. I hope you have been able to attract Van vicker.

11, To the those announcers at OBS, forming foreign accent. I hope you now broadcast 10 O'clock news at Channels tv.

To those people who stayed coded, observing on ghost mode...I hail o!

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