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I just moved my WordPress site to new host and I thought it was necessary to write this post and to show anyone who is curious on how to move WordPress site to new host a simple and professional guild on moving WordPress site to new host.

I normally charge a small fee to move WordPress site to a new host, you can apply for that on my services page. Some web host also charge some fee to migrate WordPress site from your former web host to their server, some other web host offer this service free of charge web you buy a WordPress hosting package from them. However, you can transfer your WordPress site to a new host all by yourself successfully by following the below outlined steps.

In most cases, one gets tired of their current web host for one reason or the other and decides its time to move to a new host. Many WordPress site owners , always find this too techy and geeky and prefers not to do it themselves. Well the aim of this post is to maketransferring WordPress site to new host as simple as possible for anyone to be able to carryout without any error.

How To Transfer WordPress Site To New host

You can migrate WordPress site to new host in five simple steps below;

1. Backup your WordPress site to hard drive on your local computer.

2. On the new web host, create a database, database user and grant all privileges to the new user.

3. From phpAdmin in your cPanel , import the database of your WordPress site from the backup copy.

4. Edit the wp-config.php file in your copy of WordPress site files with the details of the new database name, database user and the password.

5. Upload your WordPress site files to the respective directory in the new web host.

Let's go into more details on transferring WordPress site to new host;

Step1 - Backup Your WordPress site:The first thing to do when migrating WordPress site to new host is to backup all your WordPress site with a plugin like BackWpup up orUpdraftplus. Alternatively you can simple download all your WordPress site files to your local computer and export your WordPress database from phpMyAdmin to your computer. Now that you have a copy of your WordPress site saved in your computer, let's move to the next step.

Step2 - Create A New Database: You will need to prepare WordPress to work with a new database. Simply log in to cPanel in your new web host and click on MySQL databases to create a new database, also create a user for the new database and grant all privileges to the new user. Learn how to create a MySQL database in cPanel . Note down the database name , database user and the user password as you will need it later.

Step3 - Import The Database: It's time to import your WordPress database from your computer. You can do this by logging into your cPanel , select phpMyAdmin and click on import at the top right of the page, choose the database and click on go at the end of the page to upload the database. Once its finish uploading, a success message will display. Move over to the next step.

Step4 - Edit Wp-config.php With New Database Details: You should edit the wp-config.php file in your WordPress files with the database details you noted earlier. Enter the database name, the database user and the database password. Save the file and move to the final step.

Step5 - Upload Your WordPress Site Files To The New Server: Now that you have created a database for WordPress to work with, you should now upload the WordPress site files from your computer to the server on the new host. You can achieve this by using any good FTP software. Once you have successfully uploaded your WordPress site files to the server on the new host,this completes the transfer process and your WordPress site should be live.

Following the above five steps will ensure you move your WordPress site to new web host successfully.

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