How to transfer Blogger blog after selling to Another person

How to transfer Blogger blog after selling to Another person

Are you a niche blogger! Thinking of selling your blog after few months? Here is a tutorial on, “how to transfer your Blogger blog to the buyer account?’. Most of the people using WordPress by still believing the myth that, “Only custom WordPress website can be sold for a good price.” – No! it’s wrong. Blogger/Blogspot blogs can be sell for good deals, all that matters is the Google PageRank, Site Traffic, Alexa rank etc. So, before selling your blog try your maximum to get good traffic and decent monthly earnings coming through your blog and its sources.

Selling/Flipping your Blogger blog:

Domain names, websites, blogs selling to another person is called as Flipping. There are many Ecommerce sites like Flippa, SEDO, Digital Point Forum involved in this dealing. Apart from the above websites you can also use Facebook to sell your blogs to your Blogger friends, but you should be very careful in transferring your blog. Mostly, the process will be like this:

You: Transferring your Domain name to the buyer account.
Buyer: Sending you the money via paypal or any bank transfers.
You: Transferring your website host files via FTP client.

Transferring your Blogger blog to another account:


The flipping process will be happen like what I mentioned above, but a small change in the case of Blogger blog. You, won’t be having web hosting to host your files, and to transfer it via FTP client. So, follow the steps to transfer your blog to another account:
  1. Sign in your Blogger Account.
  2. In your Dashboard, select your blog and go to settings and click “Basic“.
  3. invite authors
  4. Move to Permissions -> Blog Authors.
  5. Add your buyer’s gmail id to invite as author.
  6. After he accepts your invitation, change his role as “Admin“.
  7. Now, Click the “X” next to your account access, to remove yourself from your blogger blog.
  8. That’s all! 😀 your Blogger blog is now successfully transferred to another person after you selling it.


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