How to verify your facebook ID - 2016 100% working Trick

Welcome back friends, Today I'm going to show you how to verify your facebook ID, This trick is new and 100% working.
First consider why facebook block our ID,
There are many reasons for blocking ID
1. If your ID is reported by more than 100 users your ID will block.
2. If you have sent friend requests to unknown people your, your ID will block.
3. If you have shared link all the time, you may be blocked.
4. If you have shared adult content, this can be blocked.
5. If your ID logged from unknown device or network you will be temporary blocked.

So, if your id has blocked due to any above reason. You should follow these rules.

1. Go to this link to download ID card template.  ID Card Template

2. After downloading open it in Photoshop.
3. Edit according to your facebook profile. You should write same name and date of birth on id card which you have written in facebook.

4. After editing it go to facebook id verification link Verify Your Facebook ID

 5. Upload your id picture and submit. after 4-5 hour you will get notification in your email address of verifying your ID.

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