Improve YouTube’s performance with h264ify for Firefox

Improve YouTube’s performance with h264ify for Firefox

YouTube works well most of the time if you use a relatively new device to access the site even if you push the available video resolution to the maximum.
The same cannot be said for low power devices, for instance the majority of computers that are five or even ten years old.
While YouTube works when you access the site, you may experience full load on the cpu, your laptop becoming hot like crazy, video stutter, battery drain, or other issues.
While you may be able to reduce some by lowering the video resolution on YouTube, some issues might not go away even if you set the resolution to 320p or even 144p.
Besides, while it may reduce the impact that the playing of videos has on the hardware, it may reduce the viewing experience at the same time.



Essentially, what h264ify does to enhance the YouTube experience is to switch the YouTube video stream from utilizing VP8/VP9 to H.264.
The change is moment and not unmistakable or recognizable to the client’s eye. One of the primary reasons why h.264 streams might be better is that the arrangement is normally quickened by the design handling unit (gpu) though the VP8 or VP9 configurations are not as a rule.
Equipment speeding up utilizing the gpu diminishes the heap on the cpu which in term is valuable to the survey experience.
You can check which design YouTube uses to stream recordings by right-tapping on the video and selecting the “details for geeks” choice.
This presentations different data about the video stream including the pantomime sort. This pantomime sort ought to peruse video/mp4 when the augmentation is utilized, or video/webm when VP8 or VP9 are utilized.


As far as options are concerned, there are only two. The first enables or disables the switching to h.264 which you may find useful at times. You can disable the extension as well for the same effect. The second setting blocks 60fps videos.

Closing Words

If you are experiencing issues when playing videos on YouTube, you may want to try h264ify for Firefox or Google Chrome to see if it resolves or at the very least reduces the issue.
While there is no guarantee that the extension will resolve it, it is one of the better options in this regard.
It may also help users who try to play high resolution video on YouTube, say 1080p video, and notice dropped frames or jerkey playback.
Now You: How is the performance for you on YouTube?

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