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The government has recently introduced a number of programs designed for youth empowerment. These programs represent part of the 500 billion naira social intervention fund in the 2016 budget.

So far, the two programs rolled out are.

1. ICT for change
2. Aso rock Demo Day

These two programs are designed to empower youths with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. I will explain the targets for each of these programs.

1. ICT for change

As part of the 2016 budget, the government aims to establish technology innovation hubs across the country.(see figure below) There will be 2 super hubs in Lagos and Abuja. There will also be 6 other regional hubs. The government has partnered with Huawei to train youth with important ICT skills. They expect to train 2000 youths over the course of the year.

These talents along with other talented ICT professionals will form the fulcrum to support technology hubs. It will aid our transition to a knowledge economy.

What are Technology Innovation Hubs?

The Innovation hub is a fairly recent concept that is gaining traction in much of the developing world. In Africa, there are technology innovation hubs in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Innovation hubs are designed to create innovation and creative solutions to problems faced in communities and states. So whether it is mobile payment platforms or agricultural solutions, these hubs are looking for creative solutions. The youths in these innovation hubs are empowered to seek innovative solutions in a competitive market. Each of these youths are entrepreneurs but they leverage on each others knowledge and ideas.

It is place for knowledge sharing and networking to arrive at key ICT solutions. Young , smart IT gurus working together and designing solutions.

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2. Aso Villa Demo Day

If you have a technological innovation but lack the funds to achieve your goals. The Aso villa Demo day provides the opportunity for talented folks to present their ideas in front of investors as well as private and public officials.

The 50 most innovative ideas will be supported. The first Unveiling will be in July and i am sure, there will be others.

AVDD2016 will give 100 startups the stage to pitch their ideas before a dedicated panel of Judges, Investors and Sponsors

THE PITCH | Thursday, June 23rd | Landmark Event Center, Lagos.

THE UNVEILING | Thursday, July 28th | State House Conference Center, Abuja.

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