List Of Simple Businesses You Can Do If You Are Unemployed

I like to make my threads as simple as possible.

To enlighten us about businesses or entrepreneurial adventure anyone can embark in should you just lost your job or are unemployed.

There has been a massive downsize in the staff strength of most corporate organization's lately as a result of the economic challenges that the nation is facing. These are folks with kids, dependents amongst others.

List of businesses:
1) Food business. This could be segmented into retailing at shops to food packaging inside packs or cooked meal for corporate organization's who do not have restaurants near then or do not have the time to leave their work stations most times. Banks are an example.

2) Tech. This include blogging (requires very little capital) to numerous online businesses that one could do. What's important in tech business is to solve a problem. For example, "" and something like "". I think I have just given out ideas free of charge.

3) Develop a skill. This is one of the thing anyone can do and feed on for the most part of one's life. Even when business is not growing, there is no cash and things are not moving in the direction you want, your skill will still put food on the table. For example, artists, fashion designers, hair manager (You know), shoe designer etc.

4) Consulting. Most people have a skill which others do not have and for some reason we do not maximizer it's use. Though you may need to register a business and be under a tutelage of a mentor, it is still something that is very doable. If you can write, you can sing (voice trainer), you are a body builder, or you can train people... why don't you consult for people who require this skills.

5) Networking. Though I am not a fan of this, I think I heard it's very profitable too if you are a natural born sales person.

6) Real estate. Donald Trump is someone in this field. He built his business from the scratch as a real estate person and he is today one of the richest folks in the USA.
The real estate business is at an all time high as that seems to be the most secure way of "rooting" your assets. Some of the things you can do as a real estate agent is land or house sales. Leasing or letting. Consult as a real estate professional or even provide skilled surveyors and engineers for those who need them.

7) Sale of fashion products. We are becoming very enlightened fashion wise and people spend a fortune to look good. This is also a business one can do provided you have a market for those who need a constant supply of your wears.
You can also open up stores on Konga, Jumia and the likes and yes! The returns are not bad at all. I can testify to that.

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