Natural Ways to Make Your Breastmilk Flow After Child Delivery

Quite a number of new moms experience delays in their breast milk production when they give birth. Sometimes, this delay lingers for as long as three days, during which time you are forced to feed your baby formulas or water.
The milk given to a baby few days after delivery, is yellowish or orange in colour and is called colostrum. Colustrum is a rich milk and gets produced during pregnancy. It is rich in protein, carbonhydrate and antibodies but low in fats and helps build your baby’s immune system.
There are some simple steps you can take to get this milk flowing if it delays.
1. Drink Lots of Water
Breast milk is made up of about 80% water so it helps to take in lots of fluid when you experience dryness to get the milk flowing.
2. Limit How Much Caffeine You Take in
Taking caffeine in large quantities dehydrates your system and decreases how much breast milk you produce. Products such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and soda should be taken in moderation.
3. Avoid Smoking
The hormone responsible for breast milk release after production is oxytoxin. What smoking does is that it affects this hormone which will in turn prevent the release of milk produced.
When milk produced doesn’t get released often, your body doesn’t get stimulated to produce more.
4. Massage your Breast Regularly

Massaging your breast will make your body believe your baby is nursing often and it will produce more milk.
5. Avoid Certain Herbs and Spices
Certain herbs and spices like peppermint, jasmine, yarrow, parsley and sage hinder the production and free flow of breast milk when taken in excess. These intake of these herbs should be limited.
6. Increase the Frequency of Your Baby’s Feeding
Let your baby suckle at your breast, even when the milk isn’t flowing. This will stimulate the breast to start producing milk.
7. Make Use of Breast pumps
Make use of breast pumps to pump the milk from your breast and store in the fridge. Regular pumping will stimulate and increase the flow of milk and ensure your baby gets to have a constant supply of milk.
8. Ensure Your Baby Breastfeeds from Both Breasts During Feeding
Try to feed your baby from both breast and ensure they suckle long enough to empty the breasts of all the milk produced.
9. Breastfeed at Night
Let your baby breastfeed a lot at night and endeavor to lie down when you breastfeed. This will help you relax which will inturn cause your baby to breastfeed for a longer period.
10. Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach
Sleeping on your stomach compresses your breasts and affect your breast milk production.
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