Preserve Fresh Tomato Paste For A Year (no Refrigeration Or Preservatives)

Preserve Fresh Tomato Paste For A Year (no Refrigeration Or Preservatives) 

 Hi everyone,

I'm happy to see how everyone's crying for the "common" tomato. Most people (wey get sense) will start preparing for next year by either farming, gardening, or preserving.

My first thread was on very cheap farming but here's another for preserving our darling tomato when it becomes cheap again.

With this method, one can store fresh tomato paste for over a year but guaranteed 1 year, that's if everything's done right.

What you need are
1. Tomato
2. Jam jar (it must be the sort you see in the pics....plastics won't work at all)

Step 1.
Blend your tomato or take it where it's grinded in bulk (you don't have to squeeze the water out unless it's spoilt)

Step 2
Put the blended tomato in a pot (small or big depending on the amount blended). Boil the tomato till all it's water has evaporated and has become paste (try not to let it burn).

Step 3
Let it cool down. Scope some paste into a jam jar till it's filled up, then seal it properly with its cap.

Step 4
Put the sealed tomato paste in a pot of water till it's completely submerged. Allow the pot of water to reach boiling point, then leave to boil for 10-15 mins (don't won't break). Take them out of the pot and allow to cool. Put then in cartons and store in a cool dry place. No need for fridge. #Shikenan

1. No matter the amount of jam jars you put in the pot of water, MAKE SURE THEY'RE COMPLETELY SUBMERGED BEFORE BOILING.

2. JAM JARS WHICH KNIVES WERE USED TO OPEN THEM WON'T WORK. Only normally opened jam jars would work because they're still air tight.

3.Once you open the jar, use the amount you need then refrigerate.

Feel free to ask questions.




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