Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cultism.

With the sudden increase in cult crashes recentlym i have decided to share this to everyone out there especially students who might at one time anticipate to join a cult group. At first scenes, observing the way cultIsts (THIS REFERS TO BOTH MALE & FEMALE CULT GROUPS) operates by acts of terrorism, buglary, kidnapping/embarrassing/abusing/humiliating(e.t.c) people both in and off campus without anyone daring to challenge them or even help one who is challenged by them could sometimes become a source of temptation to belong (i.e. Join cultism). As a result i have taken time to list this reasons why you should NEVER EVER join any cult group especially as a student. Keep in mind that once you join any cult group it is almost impossible to LEAVE and this always come with a lot of consequences with most cases ending with DEATH. So Here are some reasons why one must REALLY THINK CAREFULLY before joining any cult group.


As a Jew (non-cultist) you can roam both in and around school. You can visit any territory, yes you can go anywhere you want to. At a good time you can storm even the most dreaded places around school like EKOSIDIN @ UNIBEN e.t.c. You only need to be valiant and alert when going to such places. However as a cultist certain areas are NO-GO, NO-TRESPASS. Even in groups, they dare not visit such areas openly without being coded(in order). Just see! Even areas that's always lively and booming with activities might be a NO-GO-AREA.

Tell me why should anyone sell his/her FREEDOM of MOVEMENT for a piece of TRASH?


The sole aim of furthering one's education is to attain knowledge that will be useful not just to the student but to the whole community at large. After gaining admission, many a student anticipate for good results most likely a first class or a strong 2.1 which can get them a good job. Every responsible student dream and look forward to a successful life after school but involvement in cultism have and in most times jeopardized such goals. Here's how. Many a cultist spend large reasonable amount of time smoking, drinking, partying and all sort of wasteful lifestyle. As a result they have little or no time to concentrate and read their books (that's if they even have any). Even during examination period they may not for once open any book to read due to their many many inconvenient activities. It's saddening because most of them have sponsors who struggle to pay their tuition fees. Little wonder many of them end up as drop-outs and with bad results at the end of the day. Then if they can't get a job with their trash result, they go into robbery, kidnapping (e.t.c). Then when caught, they blame it on unemployment...


Every cultist live in constant fear of the unknown. If they get involved in shedding blood, believe it or not they know one day it may be their turn to get fallen. Highly rugged frat guys are the most Conscious and sometimes quiet in random gatherings. Those who are ''MARKED'' look for any sign of danger all throughout their lives. Whether in church, market, school and even in groups. They are always on the run. Most times it get so bad that they have to leave the country for a far one where no one can reach them.... True to the adage, ''There is no PEACE for the WICKED'', What is life for a Person who is always on the run? I tell you, It is a life full of frustration.

Tell me why would one join a group that could cause frustration into one's life forever?


Show me an active cultist with a clean moral life & i will show you a woman with eight (cool breast. :-) Jokes aside, all cultists are instructed and trained to be ''HARD'' &''RUGGED''. To show no mercy to a ''PREY''. Male or Female they do fornicate. They smoke, drink heavily. Harass people unnecessary. They raid hostels, engage in burglary and sometimes rape their victims. :-( Even the most quiet and inactive ones at least watches POR-n. It's no joking matter. Frat guys are Morally poor. It's really saddening as Most of them come from good homes that teach moral stability. Most times they pretend to be good boys and girls whenever they return home. Yes! They always camouflage whenever they get home but those who are insanely addicted hide nothing.

Tell me why should one take a wrong path to a destination when he/she knows the correct way to take?


During cult raids and initiation sex is hardly excluded especially for females. Since they sleep around with different ladies and men, it is not uncommon for them to have STDs and during initiation they spread it amongst themselves through sex. Sometimes during initiation, different Mixed liquid substances like blood, urine are given to new converts to take in, of which some may contain different form of infections and diseases like HIV e.t.c.


In cultism ''You either execute or you get executed'' come what maybe. Cultism has been one of the most foolish unsensible Cause of deaths to most youths in recent years. Even those who aren't involved in cultism have also been wasted & have suffered different causalities as with Frat men all because of the silly mentality of ''TO KILL or GET KILLED'' by this so-called Strong-men (cultists). You hear/see stories of cult guys chopping off the head of a fellow whom they might know little or nothing about. Many a cultist who kill their victims have never met them before until the day they took their life away. It is not surprising that even Blood Brothers of different DISCIPLINE (cult-group) may kill each other during cult battles. An innocent person might visit a friend & get killed by frat men all because he is WITH their ENEMY. If you're a Christians what's the basis of your faith? Is it not to LOVE your neighbours. The same with Muslims, even most Atheists know it is very in-human and insensible to WASTE a fellow's Life. If you think you won't kill anyone if you join them, know now that as a cultist, you can get pressured to kill by your group-men and you must obey them which is the law and code of the brotherhood as there is no disobedience to orders without fatal consequences to rebellions ones. If you insist you won't have any hand in such operations, know now that great suffering and persecution will be bestowed to you by your men and you could even possibly get WASTED as well. They don't value Life.

Why join a group that could turn against you and kill you for choosing to do good?


Cultists are instructed to be rugged & hard in heart. Just imagine the reactions of your dear parents/guardians when they learn you are involved in cult crashes, got caught & expelled from school. Just picture that shock & the emotional trauma they may pass through during that period. No doubt you may recall the timely warnings & counsels they repeatedly exposed the dangers of cultism to you. The truth is you may not know how much pain, shame & turmoil they may pass through, but one thing is your ties with them may no longer be the same again.


Whether a Christain/Muslim/Traditional Worshipper or even an Atheist, one thing is we know there is another realm higher than ours. Witchcraft, Magic, Prophecy and many more all have a source which we can't deny. Most people believe in a supreme God who is believed to be the creator of all things. For Christians, the Bible calls him Jehovah or Yahweh. While the Muslims calls him Allah. Whatever the diverse religious beliefs, one thing is we know we can be Favoured by this Supreme God. It is of no doubt that he blesses and reward people who pursue and attain a clean, good, moral life free of wickedness and sin. He doesn't take any pleasure in evil. Little wonder why there are so many troubles for the wicked. Many cult groups don't even respect/regard the Almighty. With so much worldly practices frat men sin big time against him causing the Almighty to withhold his favour and blessing to them.

To think about, can a creation do without the creator?


I know at first glance alot might say that am wrong about this, that they know morally responsible ladies who date bad guys and vice versa but i will give you some three reasons why they do:

-They may be pressured and on many occasions threatened.
-They feel insecure in their environment and as a result accept to date a cultist for security.
-They are actually hypocrites that lead/live a double life.

Yes and there are even many more reasons why a morally sane person will hardly get into a serious relationship with a cultist. Infact even those that do hardly last before a break up and of course sex was involved. In this sense then, the lady/guy who dates the cultist is not in anyway morally sane but camouflaged. Cult guys are rugged. They hardly care about the welfare of others, easily get provoked, highly aggressive and hardly tolerate mistakes. Can they make good Husbands/Wives? Ever wondered why rugged cult guys Try hard to be gentle and wooing a new lady who seems decent? Well, It is because they know they can't get any morally sane lady with their rugged nature.

NOTICE: Only female cultists, Runs Girls, Immature and Rugged ladies willingly date cult guys and such relationships take just a wink of time to break down.

-Even in a relationship cultists are naturally unfaithful. They will always flirt and sleep around. They will also indulge in r-ape whenever there is an opportunity.

So Tell me now, who would really in his/her right senses date such set of people for a serious relationship? Can a bad tree produce a good fruit? Can a rugged cultist morally manage a home successfully?


Identities and informations of a cult group are taken by rivals who wants to launch an attack. Any marked cultist is as good as dead because he/she will be monitored by the rival cult group until he/she is brought Down (killed).

Ask yourself did you come to school to be on one shortlist for execution?

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