Stuffs You Miss When You Have A Girlfriend!

1. Your freedom. Your dress sense, the way you eat, talk or do things naturally... She wants to tweak it all.

2. safety of your foodstuffs at home

3. Your social life. Ehn.. When you cant rapport well with other with her monitoring your every move... She'll be like ''i'm seeing you, continue''

4. Your Hangout with the guys. ''bodunde seems like a bad guy. '' or ''ion like your friends''

5.Your savings. Not when brazillian hair just got delivered into her street and that rival is wearing one already.

6. Your time. It's her everytime... She dsnt leave your head. You cant utilise your time to do something worthwhile

7. Your playboy attitude. To our playboys who are into a relationship... Enjoy your tunnel of boredom. Ion support playboyism sha

8. Freedom of movement. ''where are you?? Doing what?? Why??... No why are you there??''

9. Your freedom to be friends with diff ladies without someone nagging over it.

10. Many girls out there. yeah.. Too commited to one girl, you miss other brilliant good girls out there cos your gf said she dsnt like seeing yu with girls.

11. Your peace of mind. A nagging gf is a pain in the scrotum

12. A week without drama. When your gf is a drama queen

13. A week without shopping. 'honey, the latest wares are now in shoprite just 5mins away''

14.your liberty. She watches you everytime.

15. Your games or football matches when she wants to watch telenovelas.

16. Your sanity. She's gonna get you insane with her endless rants.

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