Why You Should Stop Indiscriminate Use Of Antimalarial Drugs

It’s been one week since Anne (not real name) “completed” the dosage of antimalarial she bought from the patent medicine store down the street. She, however, still feel very sick.
She dashed out of her room to the patent medicine store down the street to get herself another brand of antimalarial. The store had become her “saving” grace anytime she is down to headache, feverish feeling, profuse sweating and/or feeling nauseated. She had confused herself that it couldn’t been any other disease than malaria.
Anne is a subtle but fitting representative of countless persons in developing countries who take the “advantage” of poor control of medications to their own disadvantage because of ignorance and misinformation.
Malaria according to World Health Organization, WHO, is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes to people.
Antimalarials are medicines used to treat malaria effectively at different stages of the parasite. Their indiscriminate use, abuse and noncompliance of patient to normal prescription of these drugs during treatment is potentially harmful.
Below are four (4) relatable reasons you should stop abusing antimalarials.
1. Resistance
This in parmacological usage implies a situation where a drug loses its potency in the treatment of medical conditions for which it was previously effective. A straight forward description is the example of the drug chloroquine which was previously effective in eradicating the falciparum parasite responsible for the most severe cases of malaria.
This drug is largely out of use because the parasite has developed resistance through continual abuse of the drug.
2. Decreases Sperm Quality and Quantity
Studies have shown that indiscriminate use of some antimalarial drugs, precisely, artemisinin, could cause reproductive deficits including decrease in quantity and quality of sperm.
3. Reduces Reproductive Ability in Females
Abuse of some antimalarial drugs have been shown to have a damaging effect on the womb.
4. Destruction of Red Blood Cells
Antimalarial drugs if abused, destroys red cell component of the blood. This alters the ability of the red blood cell to carry oxygen since hemoglobin level of the blood is reduced.
The stomach upset that Mr A had for which cause he was given Buscopan (Hyoscine butylbromide) is the same stomach upset that Mr B had but was given Omeprazole, Amoxicillin, Tinidazole and an antacid because after clinical evaluation, it became clear that Mr A needed antispasmodic agent while Mr B needed to treat peptic ulcer disease.
Don’t compare symptoms and don’t self-medicate. Yours is the description, the judgement is for your doctor or pharmacists. Talk to them.

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