7 Top Revealing Secrets On How Best To Conquer Fear Of Business Start-ups

I have encountered many obstacles in the last 7 years when I took a dive in the entrepreneurship pool in order to grow my small business idea to a brand name of my dream. At some point, I have been rejected and my proposal turned down many a times, not because my idea is neither fantastic nor needed but rather, maybe it was not just my luck. However, I have also had cause to secure contracts where I least expected and sometimes those opportunities comes on a platter of gold. From my personal experiences and research, I have identified some limitations often faced by start-up businesses and entrepreneurs and these are the recipe to overcome such fear:
1. START ON A SMALL SCALE: To overcome business fear well ahead of time, it is usually more advisable to start your company on a little scale and gradually figure out ways to expand the exact same without wasting more cash on wrong resources. If you don't get to a greater degree, you will lose the chance for further business. In regards to your own business you don't want fear since it will prevent you from stepping from the comfort zone and also you won't have the capacity to grow. When it comes to second example of what the majority of individuals fear in starting an extra business, it's the financial strain of the startup expenses, regardless of your financial status.
2. BEGIN YOUR BUSINESS WITH A PROFITABLE SMALL BUSINESS: No matter your sort of business, if you're in sales, you may be required to do a little bit of form of `Prospecting' for leads and customers. Be certain to identify a profitable small business model, and then you have limited your exposure to risk or loss. This is sometime applicable if you're into a small business opportunity. Fear begins in your thoughts and you have to employ your mind to conquer fear particularly if you desire to increase sales for your personal business. Selling doesn't have to become a fearful experience!
3. IDENTIFY YOUR GREATEST FEAR IN BUSINESS: Many small business owners I've related with had one small business fears or the other. Small business success is all about realizing the real fears from the ones which are self-imposed. In truth, it really is subtle and the majority of people don't recognize this is holding them back from having a prosperous business and a great life. If your inner drive is weaker than the physical energy propelling your business, there is bound to be apprehension and this could lead to business failure and eventual shutdown of such business venture. The final move is to consider the objections which are stopping you from closing the company.
4. BE READY TO TAKE A PLUNGE: When I left Gtbank in 2009, I never wished to go back into the banking job for any reason whatsoever due to so many reasons which are currently manifesting as a result of economic recession, job insecurity, career growth, delusional bankers life, etc. The anxiety about success will allow you to avoid taking action to surely have a thriving business enterprise. Don't forget, small business success isn't about the amount of times you fail but about how many times you have overcome the challenges of being a successful business personality.
5. SEEK MENTORING AND TRAINING: I have lost counts of how many trainings, seminars and business mentoring attended in the last 10years after my National Youth Service scheme (NYSC) and I still attend trainings till this very moment despite offering such to people as well. You need to ask the leaders of your own enterprise whether they have training along with a proven way that will help build your business. You need to master a few techniques to boost your communication skills in order to gain confidence and begin enjoying your company presentations. There are lots of good trainers, mentors and resources accessible to develop your own skills and equip you to really become a productive communicator, prospector and company builder. In case you have the appropriate attitude, a powerful self belief, a complete understanding of your own product and lots of practice, then you are going to not have a thing to fear.
6. BE TRULY HAPPY ABOUT WHAT YOU DO: IF you are not happy about your job or any business you are doing, it becomes extremely difficult to make the best out of such business. I mean, if you're excited about the goods or services you offered to your clients, you adore the people you're meeting within your business surrounding and passionately talked about the business to people day-in day-out, the business will ultimately get the desired brand image. However, if you are too shy to identify with your business or fearful about the reception you are going to get from people you introduced your business to, then, you are not ready to stand alone in the world of business start-ups.
7. YOUR BUSINESS MUST PAY YOUR BILLS: One of the many reasons bankers lived a fake life is through accumulation of credits and borrowing facilities. All sorts and manners of credits are open to most salary earners and this ugly scenario exposes us to frivolities and seeking clamorous needs. Your earnings or income MUST be able to pay your bills and still leave extra for your savings account otherwise; you are deeper in debt poo! And this is precisely why the majority of people don't begin a new enterprise. For example, some people might fear starting a small business as it may not pay their current bills. Even if you possess all of the positive thinking on earth, crazy and unnecessary bills accumulation will never going to get you out of the business fear dilemma.

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