Benefits of Staying Near the Sea

Watching the waves flip, flap brings some kind of calm to our being. Just hearing the sea roar, or walking by the seashore  or even watching the still lake is relaxing. Have you ever experienced that? Well I have and so have millions of people out that.
Many neurologist and psychologist have made research on the impact of sea on our happiness and well being.
Let us discuss some benefits of staying close to the sea

It eases the body
Taking a dip in natural water like river or lake can greatly invigorate the body. The natural cold chill can soothe the nerves and refresh the body physically and mentally. When the water is warm it helps to relax tensions and the muscles.

It boost creativity and inspiration 
When we are near a large body of water like a lake or sea we feel relaxed. This leads the brain to open up because it is not focused on chaotic thoughts that often leads to stress. When the brain is relaxed it open more to inspired and creative thoughts.

Boost negative ions
Positive ions are emitted by electrical appliances like computers, microwaves etc that drains us of our natural energy. While negative ions are generated by waterfall, thunderstorm, ocean waves etc. This negative ions boost our ability to absorb oxygen, rejuvenate the mind, improves concentration and alertness.

Increase exercise benefits 
Exercising is good for the body and mind, exercising by the ocean will increases these benefits times ten. Going for a swim or jogging along the river will give more of a mental boost than working out in a crowded environment. Working out by the sea increases the intake of negative ions.

Helps us to meditate 
Research have shown that the sound of the waves can alter the brain’s wave patterns, invoking a meditative, relaxed state. This lowers stress, anxiety and depression and promotes better mental health and sleep pattern.
Water has a powerful influence on the brain, be it an ocean or a local fountain. This help change our mental clarity, capacity, happiness and well being.

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