much as 40 per cent of 40-year-old men and 50 per cent of 50-year old men suffer from occasional or chronic erectile dysfunctions.
Most people would keep any male illness they have quite, because of the fear of
being seen as losing their masculinity Poor genital health seems to have become a major and worsening epidemic
round the world. Most men , produces 50 per cent less live semen than 30 years ago. The density drops 2-4 % a year. As much as 40 per cent of 40-year-old men and 50 per cent of 50-year old men suffer from occasional or chronic erectile dysfunctions.
We also know that men all over the world are producing significantly less testosterone now than decades ago. This important male hormone, keeps up themuscle size and condition, sexual capabilities, and the masculine characters
determination and firmness. Testosterone is also needed to maintain the memory in the middle and older age.
Prostate overgrowth which is common in men at about 60 years of age and prostate cancer, common in 1 in 6 men, strike fear into the middle-aged men.
Most people would keep any male illness they have quite, because of the fear of being seen as losing their masculinity.Most of the genital health and prostate problems are at one time or the other made known, and men can reduce the genital health risks by considering their health.
Our modern way of life is clearly disastrous to the genital health. For millions of years the male genitalia enjoyed a free and cool environment without pressing and hot clothes, with a lot of movement, ventilation and free blood and lymph circulation without any pressure. Modern clothing trends, prolonged time spent sitting, the overall poor nutrition, and condition of the circulatory system all reduce healthy metabolism in genitals.
Various conditions can actually affect your masculinity these include:
Modern trousers are usually too tight and dense, and become much tighter when you sit down. Clothing designers have not been paying attention to the needs of male anatomy and physiology.
The penis and testicles have obviously designed to be free, cool, hanging and moving with the rhythm of the walking or thigh movements. This is clearly important to the health. The healthiest thing is to be at home nude or wear the
minimum amount of cool clothing.
Both trousers and underwear have a seam in the middle which gets even tighter when sitting down. Logically it disturbs the nerve functions and the sensitive but vital circulation of the genitalia. To prevent this, men should be using very loose underwear (boxer shorts) and loose pants. Men are better off not wearing anything at all, unless it is really necessary.
One cause of deterioration of the sperm is the rise of the temperature of the testicles up to 37°C with ordinary underwear and trousers. The optimal physiological temperature for the testes is 33°C. Therefore, there is a need to
strive to attain these temperatures, even though it is not easily achievable, because of lifestyle, nature of work and other day to day activities.The local Nigerian attire of Buba and trousers are excellent in maintaining free
Good nutrition keeps, your circulation flowing, the arteries flexible and the blood running. Dense blood and very high cholesterol levels also weaken the circulation into the genitalia. The constant consumption of highly processed food, high cholesterol, floor, and greasy take away foods, are highly detrimental to your
Good healthy foods, diets that is rich in fiber, Omega-3 oils, vegetables, berries, fruit and whole grain products are good for you. .Natural compounds that support erectile functions can be found in nuts, pollen and seeds. Tomato and cabbages are known to prevent prostate problems. Green tee prevents prostate cancer. The consumption of food that are high in chemical residue from the fields like herbicides and pesticides, along with compounds of certain plastics , may affect the production of testosterone in males as early as in the fetal stage.
This is also found to be one reason behind the reduced quality of sperm and testicular diseases. Enlightened mothers and smart men store their food in glass containers and eat organic or “chemically clean” food. Also the use of cosmetics during pregnancy increases risks of hormonal disturbances at least in the boy
There are SUPER FOODS, which jerks up your libido. These are, for example, dark chocolate, goji berries, Maca and some other tropical fruit, Nigeria avocado pear, and berries amongst others.

Foods with high fibre contents result in better intestine activity which in turn keeps the diameter of the rectum smaller. Enlarged rectum presses the bladder and the prostate increasing known health risks.
Most of the foods we consume daily are not sufficient to meet our daily nutritional needs. Optimum nutrition level is very helpful. One can achieve that by taking a broad spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral capsule twice a day. Man
should have adequate D-vitamin levels, and take vitamin E at least 100 mg, vitamin C 500 mg, magnesium (Mg) 800 mg, zinc (Zn) 50 mg, selenium (Se) 200mcg, and strong B-vitamins.
It is wise to eat as much oily fish as possible, otherwise, take 1–2 g Omega 3 in fish-oil capsules. This helps to keep the veins and arteries in better condition all over the body and prevent number of problems and inflammation.
The Brazilian Guarana and virility tree, are known to be good in erectile problems, and liquid shark fin extract is known to have preventive effect on prostate cancer.
The most common seating position is on our genitals, which surely is not good for the circulation or nerve functions. The total weight of the whole upper body easily closes down a large number of vessels, preventing circulation in the thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor and genitals , which affects the nerve functions.
A good seat supports the upper body from the bones, not from the muscles. The back portion of the male pubic bone is directly under the hip. In order to prevent this bone from shutting down the main arteries and nerves of their genitals, men tilt their hip back unconsciously, which results in the lumbar vertebrae being in a
harmful position as the lower back is rounded, not curved as it should be.
Regular padded seats creates pressure on the lower part of the body, particularly if your work makes you not to move around for a long period of time. This sedentary position is harmful. This pressure and the loss of circulation that comes from it, will stress the organs inside the pelvis such bladder, prostate, colon and rectum and predispose them to several illnesses, such as cancer. Every time you sit, your trousers tighten up in the thigh, buttock, groin and genital areas, which disturbs both the blood circulation and the very sensitive lymphatic system
situated just under the skin.
We can increase Circulation when one stands up and leaves the desk every now and again, and talks on the phone while standing or walking, preferably by using a hands free set . Always keep your phones away from you , because of the radiation it emits. And it is forbidden to keep your phones on your belt areas, as the radiation, goes directly into your groin areas.
All sort of exercise revives the circulation, also in the genitals. It is easy to increase the amount of exercise in everyday life. There are always stairs to take or places to walk to, things to carry, yards to clean up and housework to do manually. Learn to recognize and utilize every little possibility for exercise. As much as possible, do your leisure work manually and not on machines.
It is very useful for men to enforce their pelvic floor muscles and the muscle that is around the “root of the penis” = the lowest part of penis. Pudendal nerve that controls the pelvic floor also controls the penis.
This means that conscious increasing of the muscle contraction in the pelvic floor also contracts the muscles in the penis. A healthy rectum, is beneficial for better and stronger erection. During erection men also produce more of the vital testosterone. So, man get combined benefits like testosterone, stronger pelvic floor muscles and better circulation/erection when doing pelvic floor exercises during erection.
Excessive cycling , is not recommended for men as the saddle puts pressure to the “root of the penis”. Unfortunately bicycle saddles always cause more or less pressure on the penis. If one has any problems with erection, it’s smart not to bicycle but find other exercises.
Stress , certain medicines and alcohol weaken the erection fast. Smoking shrinks the arteries and veins, also in the genitals. Every man, should be cautious of his genital health at an early age, and not till at an advanced age, when too much harm would have been done. If caught in the cycle of using medication to treat the erectile dysfunctions, a man’s self-respect may crumble and the addiction to the drug become even stronger.
The connection between mental balance and health is under-acknowledged, but significant. The status of your mental, sexual health is entirely dependent on you. And the earlier you are in knowledge of the good health practice, the better for you.

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