Eight Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills

1 : Understand the principles of writing ;
You need to work on your grammar basics and work it to perfection as this in most cases is what people watch out for. Understand fully the elements of style and transition of words and sentences. Don't go about using quotes unnecessarily and punctuation marks,this should be used when needed. The Punctuation marks serves as guide to helping your readers relate to the idea or message you intend to pass on.

2 : Expand your scope of reading ;

Build a stable reading habit and read books that enlightens and broaden your scope of knowledge. Don't just read articles with pictures alone, you need to develop your mind to read books that can influence you positively and help your writing.

3 : Build a passion around your writing ;

 Creating a unique style of writing for yourself effortless most times comes from your passion. You need to love what you are doing and what you write about. There is no absolute  joy in writing what you yourself can't even relate to. When your passion is built around your writing things become much more easier, you will be able to express yourself better without barriers to your imaginations. Writing suddenly becomes fun and the ideas keep flowing.

4 : Associate yourself with like minds ;
Be around other good writers,read other people's work and evaluate, communicate with people that are intellectually sound in your field. Engage in meaningful relationships that can help you grow in the way you write. You can also have mentors or role models that you imitate their style of writing but still having your own unique style.

5 : once in a while when you write try reading it out to yourself like you have an audience, most times I do this and while at it  I pay attention to my writings. Doing this you will realize they are some words or sentences that would sound so pleasing to your readers and then you edit.

6 :  For a story writer you have to have catchy conversations and dialogues that your readers can relate to. Like when we read Chinua Achebe's works in an African setting you love the fact you can relate to his work and this keeps you reading.Add thrilling moments to your writing that keeps your readers on their toes and begging for more.

For a controversial writer you have to be good with facts and very knowledgeable, don't be a controversial writer and not be able to defend your works. I remember when I started reading Dan Brown's books I had all doubt about his finding but he keeps proving them like they truly exist. He puts ideas in your head and then build on your thoughts. Be a good but precise narrator and be very descriptive just like Chimamanda Adiche, her descriptive power of writing  is so strong, as even in cases where your readers can't relate to the environment or people you write about they can build up the images in their head which makes it more interesting.

7 :  Learn to be patient with your editing as you have to always make sure your mistakes don't turn to error. The power of good editing in writing can't be underestimated as it goes a long way to tell the kind of writer you really are.

8 : Finally, believe in yourself and the facts you have all what it takes to be that better writer or person you want to be. Just be yourself when you write don't  add unnecessary and ambiguous grammars or vocabularies you yourself don't really understand. Some young writers think writing is all about making your readers grab a dictionary when reading your works. It all depends on how you express yourself, either simple or complex english if the point in your writing is missing you have not written anything.

Write to express yourself, a thought or knowledge  and not  to impress.

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