How To Use Google Mapmaker

Did you know that there is a platform called Google Mapmaker where you can actually contribute to Google Maps by adding missing roads, streets, schools, towns, cities, etc.? Most times we access Google Maps and complain that the map is inefficient or incomplete. Well, say no more! I bring to you, the easy to use Google Map Maker. The mapmaker is easily accessed via while google maps itself can be accessed via or or by downloading the app on android/iOS.
With the map maker, you can:
1. Edit the names of roads, streets, towns, communities, etc that are not well spelt
2. Add missing roads, streets, areas, landmarks, etc that are not present
3. Review the edits of others and okay them
4. Earn trust on Google and stand a chance to win any prize if the opportunity comes up
5. Add pictures to Google street view and enhance the map
6. Add businesses and shops to the map (good for advertising products)
7. Add street numbers, house numbers, etc
To use Google maps, you must have a Google account. The site is fairly easy to use and master. Once you login into the mapmaker, just add a neighbourhood (a place you know extremely well) and you'll see the recent edits/additions in that place. Do well to confirm the edits of others that you are sure of and you can also make yours.
Let us come together and build a perfect map that can be integrated into any GPS accurately. As it is now, the Nigerian map on Google is just about 40-50% complete. If we start to partake actively, we can make it better.

If you've made any edit that you want others to confirm, you can paste the edit link here and I'm sure those who are familiar with the place can click the link and confirm the changes.
My main neighbourhoods are Warri, Abraka, Okpara-Inland, Uyo, Calabar, Lagos, Benin, Asaba, Sapele, Ilorin, Omu-Aran, and some other areas. Although I'll add more as I go on.
Are you already a Google mapmaker? Tell us more about your experiences and neighbourhoods

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