Just Before You Take That Job

The joy of moving out in the morning, the joy of putting on sharp shoes and work attires, the anticipation of getting monthly alerts, the urge of being called a working class guy/girl, the zeal to climb the career ladder has driven lots of youths into untold slavery rather than financial freedom and Job comfort.
As a young student in the finals of a university, all you anticipated about was graduating from school and being employed in one of the biggest firms in the country, with a driver, P.A, Secretary and your own house. You finally graduate and go for the compulsory NYSC and perform all rituals that comes along with it. Now you are good to go, but 3 years after there seems to be no head way yet.
Family members are tired, Parents are complaining, Siblings are murmuring, Guys in the neighborhood are using you as example when stories of unemployment are brought up. But what can you do? you keep asking yourself.
Out of anger, you relocate to Lagos and start the Job hunt seriously. Every job looks enticing to you, you no longer care about other factors. All you need now is JUST A JOB! You start the Job hunt.
Finally you get JUST A JOB and few months later you wake up from sleep around 5.30am (NORMAL TIME IN LAGOS) and all you do is hiss and curse the economy and wish you can just stay at home all day.
The imaginary picture of your office in your head is just like the Last fight in the Spartacus movie, you dread everyone in the office, the feeling of going to work makes you vomit, sick and depressed. All you do is wish you never worked in such a place. Now my question is WHAT HAPPENED??.. Before you take JUST THAT JOB, See this-

1) Terms and Conditions: It is well said that Nigerians are too lazy to read the terms and conditions of anything. All they want to do is just a brief explanation and where they can click or tick "I ACCEPT". Job seekers fail to access all these and all they just take into consideration is
i) How much is my Basic
ii) How many times will i work in a week
iii) Is there any added compensation plan?.... Thats all.
What about other questions like am I entitled to a Leave?
How long will I stay before I become a confirmed staff?
If I fail to meet up with some conditions, what is the penalty?
What benefits can't I enjoy at my stage now... This are few of the questions you need to ask before you dive into the Job...

2) Run a fast Background Check: People have worked there before you. People will still work after you. These are the people that can tell you the truth. I remember attending an Interview and after the interview, I took my time to ask a staff of the firm about some little things(after we became friends) Lo and Behold she told me that... "Any day you come late to work, 1500naira is deducted from your salary, They pay the 2nd week of a new month, etc). I ddin't bother collecting the appointment letter, because i wasn't prepared being a slave in this 21st century.

When you ask questions, You get to know...
i) How your Boss behaves
ii) The working conditions, and every other thing related to the company.

After these questions and you now know the "REAL" firm you are about working for, then you can make your choice.

See you next time on a Thread titled.... "Before you get the Dream Job, Do all These"

Complied and Written by Mike Bush (Marketing Strategist, Public speaker)
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