Mistakes People Do When They Have a Phone Conversation with Someone

Ha, some people are funny sha. I am guilty of some, you are guilty of some, they are quilty of it too .
Nw let's look at them

1. The I just wanted to say Hi syndrome
hello baybee hw far now? I am fine ooo, how are you? Hope all is well. Phone conversation continues... well I just wanted to say hi
Like seriously? WTF!!! Why should u "wanted to say hi?" Hi for what? Your calling the person is enough reason to let him or her know u wish to talk to them.. u don't have to repeat it.
Don't u have anything important to say? Calling someone just because you wanted to say hi is just dumb. Seems u don't have anything doing with your airtime. Please avoid dat sentence..

2: Calling a lot of times when the recipient doesn't pick
Mehn if you are calling someone one, two, three times and they don't pick please respect yourself and call back later. It's dumb and stvpid to ring someone 15missed calls. It makes the recipient to think there is really an emergency if he/she comes to pick, thereby giving him/her some sense of worry, only for him/her to call you bak and u tell the person you just wanted to say hi. Now tell me how stvpid that can be.

3: Picking or making a Phone call in a busy environment
Please don't do that! It's really annoying. People hate it when you call or pick a call in a busy environment. I don't want to hear the loud music over the background or the traffic noise or the general noise emanating from the background. Please For Christ sake, go somewhere quiet and make or pick the call.

4: Repeating words you just said over the phone
Guy: Freda watsup na, hw u dey?
Freda: I jus dey guy, watsup..
Guy, mehn I just dey ooo.. hw every every..
Freda: mehn ur babe just dey
WTF!! Two of you just spent one minute and be asking how far.. like seriously? If u duno what to tell someone when u want to call them please don't even bother calling. You are only enriching the network provider. So save your airtime until u have smth important to say.

5: Promising someone u will call dem back later when u know u will not
People are just fond of doing this. Especially towards the end of the phone call, and the guy happens to tell the babe he will call her later in the day, and she expects his call. Den later in the day he doesn't call.. the next time they happen to have a phone call conversation again, he still repeats he will call her so so and so Time again.

6: Making a Phone call in a public vehicle and shouting
Hellooo, helloooooo.. hellloooo.. I can't hear you ooo. Helllooooo. Helloooo.
Now tell me why will both of you hear yourselves when the car glasses are down and the vehicle is in motion? You are now disturbing people shouting at the top of your voice.
Please stop that. If u wish to make or receive a call in a public vehicle, pls reduce your tone or you send your info thru text.

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