Obesity: Health risk and dangers, and ways to prevent too much fat

Obesity: Health risk and dangers, and ways to prevent too much fat

Obesity is regarded as a global public health issue which is being more than 20% over ideal or normal weight for a particular bone size, gender and height. In our society, obese people are often looked down upon as being unable to do anything because of their size. Obesity can also occur as a result of an eating disorder
called bulimia nervosa, in which there is an impulsive binge eating behaviour.

Most people in order to reduce their body weight resort to dieting. This involves different kinds of eating plans that offer quick results. The obvious truth is that unless individuals make a long lasting changes to their lifestyle on daily basis and choosing foods that are healthy, their efforts is often wasted. Most people using eating plans in checkmating their weight, many a time regain their lost weight within a year. And constantly losing and gaining weight most a times results to frustration and this often do more harm than good. 


  • Obese persons are 85% more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. 
  • They are more likely to develop increased blood cholesterol anddiabetes. 
  • They are more likely to suffer from heart disease. 
  • They are also prone to different kinds of cancer such as uterus cancer, prostate cancer, cervix cancer, rectum cancer, ovaries cancer etc.

It has been noted that obese or overweight individuals often have a negative self image because of their weight. This results in inferiority complex. Also obese people are like time bomb which can explode at any particular time because their condition predisposes them to a variety of diseases. 


Obesity is caused by excessive intake of calories that the body can use at a particular time. These calories may come from protein, starch, fat, and sugar which are turned into fat. Some of this fat floats in the blood, plastering and gradually plugging vital oxygen carrying arteries.


Here, are some useful ways by which one can successfully deal with obesity. They include the following:

  1. Eat foods that have low level of salt, sugar, and oil and also eat high-fibre foods. 
  2. Always take your breakfast but it should often be a light food. 
  3. Drink enough water daily and avoid beverages like yogurt, sodas, juice etc. 
  4. Always avoid harmful substances like alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. 
  5. Engage more in physical and muscle exercise at least one hour everyday because this will increase the rate at which the body burn calories. 
  6. Always avoid snacks. 
  7. Eat three times daily at regular times. 
  8. Limit the intake of animal products and refined foods.

Points to note: Whenever you go out to buy food items, always check the labels to see how much protein, fat and carbohydrate that the food items contain. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to eat less to cut calories. However, choosing unrefined foods that are high in complex carbohydrate and low in fat is very important. In this case, you can eat more than ever and still lose weight.
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