Shocking revelation: Meet an 18-yr-old pr@.$t!tute whose customers are police officers (Photos)

Shocking revelation: Meet an 18-yr-old pr@.$t!tute whose customers are police officers (Photos)

18-year old American pr@.$t!tute Celeste Guap who recently claimed that she has had S3@.x:’ual intercourse with 32 police officers, finally revealed why she had revealed the secret she has kept over the years.

18-year old pr@.$t!tute Celeste Guap
Daily Mail reports that, Guap has sparked up investigations about seven laws enforcement agencies in California bay, after she had S3@.x:’ with multiple officers at a very young age. Her sudden revelation has prompted three chiefs from the ‘frat house’ Oakland Police Department, to resign as one of them committed suicide.
After some officers tendered their resignation, the pr@.$t!tute disclosed that some officers still call her demanding for S3@.x:’ but she feels guilty as she still stood her ground that it was just an ‘adult consensual fun’.

Guap also said that out of the 32 officers she’d slept with, only three had paid her. However she kept the trysts going because they would share information about criminal investigations. In her latest interview with ABC 7, the mother of one said she was first paid for S3@.x:’ at the age of 12 and had her first liaison with a cop when she was 16.

Faceless picture of Celeste’s child as she took a mirror selfie
Guap claims she slept with three other officers, two from Oakland and one from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department when she was a minor. She also revealed that she is still working on the streets but is concerned as many of the cops she knew have turned their backs on her.

Speaking to a reporter in a park where she had allegedly met officers for S3@.x:’, she spoke about why she told senior officials in the Oakland Police Department about her illicit relationships.
She said she was in Puerta Rico for her 18th birthday in September, 2015 when she stumbled into a bad neighborhood, drunk and just wearing a bikini. Feeling unsafe, she called Officer Brendan O’Brien who she had been close with. But he didn’t pick up.

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